2020 Tokyo Olympics: Dwayne Johnson Sends ‘Awe-Inspiring’ Video Message to Team USA

by Samantha Whidden

Jumanji star and former WWE wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, took center stage in a video message during NBC News’ coverage of the 2020 Olympics’ opening ceremony to show some love for the members of Team USA. 

According to People, Dwayne Johnson states that some of the very best athletes in the U.S. are gathered underneath the Tokyo Olympics stadium. “But in a matter of moments, everything changes. The longest wait of their lives is over and the culmination of their blood, sweat, and tears finally arrives.”

Johnson then explains that it’s not easy to bring “the entire planet” together and it definitely wasn’t easy this evening. And yet, it finally happened and the Olympics can finally take place. “Tonight we are all so lucky to witness the hardest workers in the room. The athletes who are a brilliant ‘tapestry’ of talent, commitment, and drive.” 

Dwayne further states that what once was considered unthinkable literally a year ago is now a glorious reality. “We come together united to celebrate the Olympians who exemplify the very best in all of us.”

Dwayne Johnson Shares Details About the USA Athletes Attending the 2020 Olympics

Also in his inspirational video, Dwayne Johnson shares details about the USA athletes that are attending the 2020 Olympics. He gushes about gymnastics superstar, Simone Biles and describes her as the greatest gymnast that the world has ever seen. He goes on to dish world-renowned swimmer, Katie Ledecky, who he says swims like a machine created to wreak havoc and decimate impunity.

Finally, he shares details about popular freestyle and butterfly swimmer, Caeleb Dresser, who he describes as simply lethal in water. “Gold medal winner, world record holders, and makes dominating in small trunks look cool as hell,” Johnson then says about the 2020 Olympics participant. 

Johnson then describes other members of the Olympics team as kids from various cities (Minneapolis, Raleigh, and Honolulu). He states they are moms with unfinished business; barrier breaks; and teams who have dominated for generations. “These awe-inspiring, multitalented athletes are taking on the world,” he further explains. “They’re bringing us together and they’re about to bring you, at long last, the greatest two weeks spectacle the world has ever seen.”

Dwayne goes onto add that this year’s Olympics is not only the athletes’ games but also OUR games as well. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am so grateful for having the honor to present to you, Team USA.”

The 2020 Olympics officially kicked off on Friday (July 23rd) in Tokyo, Japan. This year’s events will continue until August 8th. The iconic sporting event was originally set to take place last summer but was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Team USA notably has more than 600 members.