2020 Tokyo Olympics: Watch ‘Today’ Show Host Hilariously ‘Flick’ Big Green Bug Off of Him During Interview

by Joe Rutland

You never know what you will see on NBC’s “Today” show, but this video from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will leave you bug-eyed.

During a break between interviews, NBC host Craig Melvin saw that a rather large green bug landed on his right arm. He then flicked it off of his shirt and, according to “Today” host Savannah Guthrie, landed on their cameraman.

For Outsiders used to being in the Great Outdoors, this would seem like no big deal. Yet when you are on a lighted TV set and maybe not used to bugs like this one, then it’s a big deal.

It’s one of those moments you have to see to believe, so here you go. Watch Melvin in action while Guthrie and Al Roker discuss what happened during the break right here at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The “Today” show has been broadcasting live from Tokyo during the Summer Games. That means when it’s morning in the Eastern Time Zone, then it’s nighttime in Japan. So that’s why you see Guthrie, Roker, Melvin, and others who pop by the “Today” show appearing in the dark.

Why did the “green” but land on Melvin? There’s no reason given. But the segment on “Today” was talking about how the cicadas have been providing background sound for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It’s noticeable because Olympic sites have not had people there due to COVID-19 precautions.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Ratings Are Dwrawing The Ire Of Advertisers

Yes, ratings for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been a point of conversation for NBC and viewers alike. But the ones who are really hammering the network hard are advertisers.

They poured in $1.2 billion (that’s with a B) for NBC to show off their products and goods during Olympics broadcasts.

Obviously, the ratings for NBC’s network broadcasts have been getting attention. Why? Because they are low.

Opening Ceremony viewers totaled 17 million, a 33-year low. On Monday, viewership dropped to 14.7 million, according to an article from the Daily Mail. What does that total up to for those interested in numbers? Oh, just about half the number of viewers who watched the third night of the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.

A number of media agencies want “make goods” delivered from NBCUniversal. “Make goods” is a term used in the media business about ad inventory networks donate to advertisers when programming falls short of viewership guarantees. 

An article from Variety reports that ad buyers are urging NBCU to give their clients unsold Olympics inventory. But with weak ratings’ numbers being posted, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are still drawing more viewers than most regular-season TV shows.

What will NBCUniversal do about this situation? Well, We’ll have to wait and see. Advertisers, though, want their money’s worth of coverage.