2022 Kid’s Mullet Championship Winner Crowned: See Pics of His Glorious Haircut

by Blake Ells

The Kid’s Mullet Championship is over, and it’s time to celebrate our new champion. Emmitt Bailey from Menomonie, Wisc. is our new king. Check out those glorious locks.

“Mullet Boy wins the 2022 USA mullet championship! His go cart dreams came true!” the official account for the mullet championship captioned the post.

Emmitt Bailey took home the top prize by collecting 9,896 votes at the Kid’s Mullet Championship. He flowed on by Eric Orta from La Joya, Tex. who came in second with 8,404 votes. William Dale Ramsey came in third with 4,058 votes. Ramsey is from Pataskala, Ohio. Check out the top three little Billy Ray Cyruses below.

That’s some fierce competition. That Kentucky Waterfall shielding Eric Orta’s neck from the sun is epic. He also opted for the Hawaiian shirt. Bold strategy, Eric. These three kings took their business to the front of 688 contestants. Emmitt Bailey is 8 years old, and he takes home $2,500 for the triumphant victory. That’ll buy a lot of Kool-Aid.

There was also a teen division to complement the Kid’s Mullet Championship. The champ there is Cayden Kershaw who raked in 3,215 votes. Cayden is from Wausau, Wisc. If you’re going to take your mane to the mullet championship, be prepared to deal with the Buckeye State. Those boys aren’t playing around.

You can still enter the contest at their website. It’s open until August 31. There’s a $10 fee and half of the proceeds go to the Michigan Wig Foundation for Kids.

Joe Dirt Weighs in on the Kid’s Mullet Championship

These little Joe Dirts caught the attention of the man himself. David Spade broke down footage from the competition on his TikTok this weekend. The actor and comedian portrayed the film character that rocked hockey hair before Morgan Wallen made it cool again.

Spade thought Eric’s choice of the Hawaiian shirt may have cost him. But fortune favors the bold, as they say. It didn’t work out for Eric this year, but maybe he can regroup and come back strong in 2023. Maybe it was ‘Joe Dirt’ that inspired Blake Shelton’s original style when he burst onto the country music scene nearly two decades ago. The film came out just a couple of years before Shelton showed up with “Austin.” Blake’s throwing it back to the old days with the new video for “No Body,” his latest single. The track, which was co-written by Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear and Rodney Clawson has major 90s country vibes. So The Voice coach just leaned all the way into it.