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‘3rd Rock From the Sun’ Cast Reunites For 25th Anniversary

by Evan Reier
Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of “3rd Rock from the Sun,” you’ll love hearing that the cast of the 1990s sitcom reunited for the first time in several years. 

The NBC hit was an unlikely success when it aired back in 1996. It centered on four aliens from another galaxy who traveled, in human form, to Earth to study people and their relationships.

Together, Kristen Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, John Lithgow and French Stewart made up the family unit of the Solomons. They were also joined by Jane Curtin and Wayne Knight as major characters. Over five years, they made hilarious memories struggling to identify with humans and their behaviors.

“3rd Rock” found its way into the hearts and minds of its viewers.

Lithgow Talks About Initial Doubts

In a recent meeting, the stars gathered to shadow their thoughts about the show and of a reboot could potentially be in the works.

“I was never going to do a sitcom,” Lithgow during the 2021 Vulture Festival event. “I was sort of ambushed by Bonnie and Terry Turner and Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach at this historic breakfast, thought I was just having a chummy breakfast with Bonnie and Terry. My old friends from their SNL writing days. I sat down and saw the whole power structure of Carsey-Werner and I suddenly realized, ‘I’m being pitched.’ I just thought, How am I going to say no and get out of this as gracefully as I can? It fell to Terry to pitch this thing to me, and he said ‘Well, it’s about these four aliens’ – and my heart just sank. Oh my God, how did I get into this?”

Well, let’s just say his initial issue turned out okay.

“And then five minutes later,” Lithgow continued. “He persuaded me to do this. It was such an incredible premise, and they had completely tailored it for my particular lunacy. They’d gotten a little glimpse of it when I’d hosted SNLand were on the writing staff. They changed my entire life in five minutes. That was the beginning of the process of putting together the four of us.”

‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ and John Lithgow’s Involvement

Lithgow is a storied actor with a long history of notable performances and awards. While his initial feelings about the show were mixed, it became one of his favorite projects in his career. Further, it spurred a career for newcomer Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has gone on to star in a number of epic roles and even now runs his own production company.

“As soon as I’m available,” Lithgow told Deadline, via Comicbook . “I just loved 3rd Rock From the Sun. It’s amazing how often when I’m asked to do something that couldn’t be more different, the director or the writer will cross reference my performances in 3rd Rock from the Sun, because I went flying in all directions in that role. It was an alien trying out different ways of being a human, trying to figure things out.”