6 Clint Eastwood Films are Hitting Fox’s Streaming Service: Full List

by John Jamison

Clint Eastwood is the kind of movie star that could singlehandedly give a streaming service an edge over its competition. Of course, wrangling the rights to a specific actor’s different titles is much easier said than done. But in a licensing agreement with Warner Bros., the Fox Nation streaming service nailed down a handful of Eastwood’s movies for August.

And subscribers will be pleased to learn that four of the six total Clint Eastwood titles coming to the Fox streaming service include the bulk of the Dirty Harry collection. The role of San Francisco homicide inspector Harry Callahan is up there with Eastwood’s most iconic. Over the course of two decades, the gritty actor played “Dirty” Harry Callahan in five total movies.

Unfortunately, only four of them will be available to watch on Fox Nation. The only entry missing from the “Dirty Harry” opus is the second film, 1973’s “Magnum Force.” But the rest of the list is as follows.

  • “Dirty Harry”
  • “The Enforcer”
  • “Sudden Impact”
  • “The Dead Pool”
  • “Pale Rider”
  • “Heartbreak Ridge”

Beyond his Dirty Harry films are two entries perfect for anyone looking for a change of pace. The first is the 1985 fan-favorite Western “Pale Rider,” which finds Clint Eastwood playing a preacher who comes to the defense of a small mining town.

Finally, 1986’s “Heartbreak Ridge” provides yet another genre entirely with Clint Eastwood’s depiction of Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway. Highway and his platoon take part in a fictional portrayal of the invasion of Grenada.

Clint Eastwood Has Big ‘Appeal’ to Fox Nation Subscribers

Fox is taking a targeted approach to its streaming service. It wants Fox Nation to feature content that will appeal to the network’s key demographics. According to the streaming platform’s president, Jason Klarman, Fox has plenty of data to work with. Apparently, Clint Eastwood has proven to be extremely popular among Fox Nation viewers.

“Clint Eastwood is somebody that our audience holds in very high esteem and is very iconic,” Klarman told Variety.

“It’s all about the data. We know when they are watching us and what they are going to watch. We know what their habits are on the platform and it helps us identify what they are more interested in.”

While Clint Eastwood and his movies certainly have a universal appeal, the content is a perfect fit for what Fox Nation is going for. But beyond classic films, the streaming platform also boasts more contemporary reality content. It has “Duck Dynasty” and is home to a Paula Deen-led cooking program called “At Home with Paula Deen.” This kind of programming “really resonates with the audience and drives acquisition and engagement.”

In the face of streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu, a targeted approach like this makes sense. The platform has only been around in its current form since 2018. So only time will tell how much success Fox can find in the space.