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‘9-1-1:’ Creator Speaks Out on Next Crossover with ‘Lone Star’: ‘If the Stars Align’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Tim Minear has big plans for his 9-1-1 franchise.

Great things have been happening on Fox’s 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star these days. The drama has been epic since the season openers, and ratings have been through the roof.

But before this season’s success had even begun, showrunner Tim Minear sat down with Observer to talk about the shows’ finales. And during his chat, he gave us some clues about this season.

Minear wants to give audiences more origin stories and possibly another crossover event.

Origin stories have been hugely popular on 9-1-1 because fans love to see how each character ended up in their uniform. But Minear hopes to move away from stories that only explain the character’s careers.

“My story this year was the origin of the Judd-Grace love story,” he said. “It wasn’t exactly the kind of ‘begins’ story that we would do on 9-1-1 where it’s always been about how a character ended up in the fire department, how they decided to become a first-responder. There was a little bit of that in the Judd-Grace story, but really, it was the origin of their love story, and I thought that was really interesting.”

The creator also teased about a backstory that takes place in New York City.

“I tried to do[it] this year,” he admitted. “But I couldn’t quite pull it off. So I’d like to do that next year.

But the most exciting bit that came from the interview was talk of a crossover event.

In February, the characters of 9-1-1 and Lone Star teamed up when a volcano caused wildfires in Austin. And naturally, we’d all like to know when the characters will meet again. Minear admitted that “if the stars align” he “would absolutely love to do another crossover between the two shows.” But it’s not an easy feat.

Because the shows take place in opposite ends of the country, it’s hard to connect the stories without feeling forced. So if the writers can think up an idea that brings them together in a natural way, they’ll definitely do it.

“I loved seeing the different combinations of characters meeting and interacting in episode 3 of Lone Star this year in the wildfire episode,” said Minear. “But I would like it to feel as organic as that did and not just gimmicky.”

‘9-1-1’: Kenneth Choi Really Was Singing During Legendary Karaoke Scene from Season 2

Kenneth Choi didn’t lip-sync his season two karaoke scene. And according to a 2019 interview, he “was petrified” when he had to sing on camera.

While talking to TV Line, Choi admitted that the legendary scene showcased his real voice “and probably some autotune. Probably a lot of autotune, actually.”

But he was completely out of his element when he had to perform, and the whole experience was terrifying.

“If I ever sing at karaoke, I have to be six or seven beers deep. And I did this without any,” he said. “So it was very nerve-wracking.”