‘9-1-1’: Evan Buckley Actor Oliver Stark’s Bizarre Moment That Made Him Seem Destined for Role

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

One serendipitous moment in time helped actor Oliver Stark realize his destiny as Evan Buckley on the Fox-hit TV show “9-1-1.”

Stark said he was watching show director Ryan Murphy on the July 28, 2017, Hollywood Reporter roundtable episode, and then he got an email.

“I was watching that, when the notification email came through to come and audition, that is true,” Stark told Brief Take magazine in 2018.

The “9-1-1” role as Evan Buckley turned out to be a blessing for the actor.

Stark said he came a long way from that time before the audition, and his role has moved into “a different position, a firmer progression thanks to this job.” 

The actor said he’s thankful for his “9-1-1” journey and is “looking forward to hopefully continuing on (it),” Stark said.

Life As A ‘9-1-1″ Rookie 

Oliver Stark said he was a fan of the show before getting his part as Evan Buckley. Also, the show had a lot of star power and he knew it would be a challenge.

“So a bit like Buck stepping into the firehouse for the first time and being the rookie, that’s kind of what I was to this cast,” Stark told Brief Take.

He went on to say he’s grown with Buckley as well as being an actor at the same time. 

‘9-1-1’ Actor Getting Noticed For Birthmark

Since Oliver Stark hit the small screen with his role in 2018, fans have noticed the actor’s birthmark.

While it’s not a big deal to him, American moms embrace his birthmark. He said they use it for inspiration with their children with birthmarks.

The 30-year-old actor said he never thought it would “be a thing.” Ultimately, he’s pleased if his birthmark “has managed to inspire some confidence in them.” 

Stark said if he obsessed or became upset about its look on his face, he would have had “a very miserable life.” 

‘9-1-1’ Actor’s Introduction Into First Responder World

Stark admitted that he thought playing a firefighter would be easy. But after sinking his teeth into the role, he learned that the job was more than that.

He told The New York Post one “eye-opener” fact about firefighter jobs. He said he soon learned that “80 percent of the calls they end up on are medical calls.” 

The actor said he could appreciate first responders, their work, and the training involved in their active lifestyles. He said he can agree with the “9-1-1” cast that they feel lucky to “shine a light on” their work and “hopefully pay tribute to them through our show.”

Stark has portrayed Evan Buckley on 70 episodes of the Fox show. The show airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern.

It’s in its fifth season.