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‘9-1-1’: Full Recap of Season 5, Episode 6

by Suzanne Halliburton
FOX via Getty Images

9-1-1 on Monday showed what happens when first responders are called to a prison riot. And it all started so that a triple murderer on death row could save his dying son.

Did we mention, save his son with his own heart in this 9-1-1 episode called Brawl in Cell Block 9-1-1.

And what follows on 9-1-1? Normal stuff. Fires. Hostages. Mayhem. Hen operates on a guard. Bobby figures out how to thwart the inmates with laughing gas. And Athena tracks down the prisoners dressed as guards who’d taken Buck and Eddie with them on an ambulance.

As 9-1-1 opened, we see a happy guard checking in for the night shift. He’s warned that the inmates seem more agitated than usual. One of his first duties is to take Mitchell out into the yard. Mitchell, who is on death throw for a triple homicide, stares out through the fence. As the guard brings a shackled Mitchell back into the building, another row of prisoners is walking past.

That’s when the riot ringleaders pounce and jump the guards. And the 9-1-1 dispatchers get a frantic call.

Bobby (Peter Krause) and the 118 jump on the problems in cell blocks. They stumble upon two inmates who’d been beat up. Buck and Eddie load one into an ambulance to take to the hospital. Two guards, who say they’re the escorts, also jump in the ambulance.

But the two escorts are the riot ringleaders, who’d exchanged uniforms with the guards. And they’re taking this guard to a very specific hospital.

Have No Fear 9-1-1 Fans, Athena Is a Step Ahead

Athena quickly figures out why Mitchell broke out of prison. His son, Nolan, is in ICU with heart failure. So she’s waiting at the hospital when Buck rolls in the patient with the inmate who broke out with Mitchell. The police quickly capture the inmate.

But all Mitchell wants is to give his heart to his son. He even petitioned the governor for an execution date so he could directly donate the organ. Eddie decided to help Mitchell.

The two leave the ambulance, with Mitchell putting a gun to Eddie’s head. But Mitchell shot himself in the head, as Eddie quickly works to keep Mitchell alive so that his heart is viable.

Before he shot himself, Mitchell told Eddie “Me dying and him living maybe makes the world a better place.”

But the California law won’t allow Mitchell’s heart to be donated. So the governor commutes his sentence, allowing doctors to do the transplant.

Meanwhile, back in prison, Bobby and Hen are stuck inside an infirmary with the other beaten-up guard. There’s no way out unless someone can control the inmates, who are trying to break into the security area of the prison.

Bobby gets Ravi to help dispense some laughing gas, which subdues the prisoners. And Hen and Dr. Cochran operate on the guard. Cochran smashed his hand as he tried to secure the door as the riot started. Hen told the doctor she’s a second-year med student. So the doctor asks Hen to be his hand.

“I told you I’m not a doctor, yet,” she said. Cochran replied “that’ll be our little secret.”

As the 9-1-1 episode ends, Hen tells Athena and Bobby she’s off to her med school class. She’s going to be a general surgeon.