‘9-1-1’: Here’s Who Bryce Durfee Plays on the Show

by Victoria Santiago

Bryce Durfee is set to have a recurring role on the popular Fox drama series 9-1-1. He’ll play a paramedic, of course.

His character, Jonah Greenway, will be a new paramedic on the 118 that’s filling in for Chimney, played by Kenneth Choi. Chimney is on leave to search for Maddie, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is missing. Durfee’s character is bright, observant, and doesn’t like to play games. He has a hard time getting his new partner Hen, played by Aisha Hinds, to accept him.

Hen is close with her work partner, Chimney. They even refer to each other as their ‘best friend.’ Throughout the many issues they face together, they remain close on and off the job. We’re sure that Bryce Durfee’s character will have a hard time filling that void for Hen.

Where Have We Seen Bryce Durfee Before?

Bryce Durfee has been acting since 2012. His first recurring role was on The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s also been on Model Idiots, Liza on Demand, Baby Daddy, and Driven.

Other ‘9-1-1’ Characters Undergo Big Changes

After the fall finale, many were worried that we had seen the last of Ryan Guzman’s character, Eddie Diaz. Thankfully, that’s not the case. However, we’re not quite sure what life will look like for Eddie on 9-1-1. At any rate, we know that he’ll be doing a new job.

In the fall finale, Eddie’s son Christopher was worried about Christmas. He had already gone through the stress of losing his mother in a car wreck, and he was worried about his dad. After all, firefighting is a dangerous job. Due to his young son’s holiday worries, Eddie makes a decision. At Buck and Athena’s Christmas party, he shares his work-life woes. He tells Buck that his son is “worried about me, about the risks I take while I’m at work. I think I have to make a change. I’m leaving the 118.”

Fans have been speculating on what Eddie’s future holds. He could become a dispatcher, or even work with kids. No matter what his new job is, we can assume that he’s having a hard time adjusting.

The synopsis for the spring premiere even says so: “The 118 ‘speed’ to the rescue to save a family whose pick-up truck has been rigged with a pipe bomb. Eddie has a rough transition into his new job, Buck makes an impulsive relationship decision. The 118 welcome two new members to the team.”

We already know that Bryce Durfee is one of the new members on the 118 team – so who’s the other? We’ll still have to wait a while to see the 9-1-1 team in action. The spring premiere is set to air on March 21.