‘9-1-1’: How Evan Buckley Actor Oliver Stark Feels About Working with Peter Krause

by Jonathan Howard

Monday night an all-new episode of 9-1-1 debuted and the FOX drama is back with plenty of action. Evan Buckley and crew are back. The firefighters have been under a lot of pressure.

Buckley has quite a role on the team. Peter Krause plays the admired captain, Bobby Nash. Through the years, Buckley and Nash have had to work together. With Nash as a mentor for Buckley and others, his presence on the show is important.

Oliver Stark spoke with Assignment X about working with Peter Krause.

“Peter Krause is the nicest man you can imagine. For me, coming into this show, and the whole cast around me is supremely experienced, I was intimidated the first day, you know, ‘What are these guys going to be like?’ And everyone is lovely, and so welcoming, and it doesn’t feel like there’s any ego or anything involved, and they’ve all been incredible at making me feel comfortable, and they’re great people, and a great group to work with. So no. No fear. Not yet.”

A new season of 9-1-1 has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

‘9-1-1’ Stars Face Kidnapping, Deadly Emergencies

That relationship has continued since the beginning of the series. In the latest episode, Buck and Nash have to work together after a truck runs through a homecoming parade float. That’s when the two have to help a teacher who finds themselves pinned. They get to work and manage to rescue the educator from the wreckage.

The 9-1-1 team is dealing with the fallout of a blackout that has taken over the city. There are multiple injuries and there were deadly circumstances as well. While the debris from the homecoming wreck is cleaned up, Hen realizes that the identity of two teenage girls had been flipped. The wrong family receives news their daughter had died.

When Hen has to tell the right set of parents the awful news, it is a hard moment all over again.

Harry is unable to get over the trauma of his kidnapping. He doesn’t even want to go to his mom’s home. That is where he was taken from. So, his older sister stepped in to help her brother cope with the aftermath of the kidnapping.

All the while, Maddie and Chimney see their family break up as Maddie leaves him with her newborn daughter. After a conversation with Buck, Maddie is gone. Chimney finds out, but Buck didn’t want to reveal anything. That earns Buck a punch right in the face.

As the show ends, Chimney is setting off on a journey to find Maddie along with their newborn daughter, Jee. The drama is oozing and is going to be back next Monday night. As the 9-1-1 crew figures things out, it seems more issues arrive.