‘9-1-1’: How Jennifer Love Hewitt Prepared for ‘Fight or Flight’ Action Scenes

by Jacklyn Krol

9-1-1 actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is all about making stunt work seem natural.

The actor spoke with Assignment X about her approach to action sequences. Although most people don’t picture her sweet character, Maddie, doing any fighting, she has had her fair share of stunts. Who could forget when Maddie had to fight off her abusive ex-husband?

“We kind of worked on the day as we went with things, to figure out what felt best,” she said of the stunts involved. “The main thing was that it didn’t and shouldn’t have felt like a stunt, it should have felt like a real woman who was fighting for her life. So we played around with just trying to make it as real as possible.”

She did reveal that she was “surprised” her character ended up killing him. Adding, “I did feel when we got there that it was important.”

‘9-1-1’ On And Off-Screen Relationship

Did you know that 9-1-1 has an on and off-screen marriage? Hewitt and Brian Hallisay have been married since November 2013. They enjoyed their time on screen together. For 2018 and 2019, Hallisay portrayed Doug Kendall, who abused and then later kidnapped his wife, Maddie Buckley. He left the show after his character was killed by his real life wife (ouch!).

“Tonight my heart is so full,” the actress shared via Instagram in April 2019. “I am so proud of my husband’s performance. I am so proud that I get to be in this show and I am so proud of Maddie.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Hewitt spoke about what it was like working with her husband. Their roles were vastly different than their loving relationship at home.

“It was just lovely to be able to go to work together,” Hewitt shared. “For our kids to be able to see us go to work together. Knowing that their mommy and daddy were off doing whatever.”

For Hallisay, he actually enjoyed being the bad guy in such a villainous role.

“For him to get to play that part it was fun to see him love doing it so much,” she added. “To see him have fun. I was really proud of him. We both had never been able to play characters like this in our careers, these characters with dark, twisted things to them. And, so, that’s been really fun for us.”

The pair originally met on the set of the series Love Bites. They once again worked together in 2012 on The Client List. It was on that set that their relationship blossomed. They now have two children, a daughter named Autumn and a son named Atticus.

Season 5 of 9-1-1 will air on Fox on Monday, September 20 at 8 PM ET.