‘9-1-1’: How Much Does Bobby Nash Actor Peter Krause Make Per Episode?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Bobby Nash is such a key character on 9-1-1. But what’s he worth?

Peter Krause, as Nash, has appeared in all 61 episodes of 9-1-1, the top-scripted show on Fox. He’s the captain of the 1-1-8 fire station, so that makes him one of the central characters. That makes him the lead guy on some of the craziest rescues.

Plus, Nash’s backstory and current private life are compelling. He came to Los Angeles from Minnesota after he accidentally caused a fire that led to the deaths of his wife and two kids. So he needed to start over. Bobby Nash switched locales from chilly St. Paul to sunny Southern California. Nash also was addicted to painkillers that he took after he suffered an on-the-job back injury. On 9-1-1, he’s a recovering addict.

Krause Loves His 9-1-1 Marriage to Angela Bassett

Bobby met Athena (Angela Bassett), a divorced mother of two who is an officer with the LAPD. They fell in love and married in the finale of 9-1-1 season two. Krause told Entertainment Tonight that he loves the dynamics of 9-1-1.

“It’s been wonderful to be a part of a non-traditional procedural,” the 9-1-1 star said. “I’m biased, of course. I think it’s one of the more entertaining and progressive shows on television. And it does so, I think, very, very subtly. There are some cool couples of the show, but I happen to think Athena and Bobby are the coolest.”

The 9-1-1 super couple were having marital issues, but they decided to save their relationship in the season four finale.

“Both of them were somewhat lost, in terms of their romantic lives,” Krause said. “But Bobby in particular, because of his past, was deeply wounded. What we’ve gotten to see over the seasons is that he’s really healed because you get a loving relationship with Athena. There’s a lot more joy that Bobby takes in life.”

Fox Rewarded Regular Cast Members With Big Raises

Fox decided to reward the permanent 9-1-1 cast members with significant raises. Deadline broke the news earlier this month. Bassett’s salary was increased to more than $450,000 an episode. She’s also an executive producer for both 9-1-1 and spinoff 9-1-1: Lone Star. Plus, show creator Ryan Murphy designed the show for Bassett, who starred in movies before she switched to the small screen. Bassett celebrated her 63rd birthday earlier this week. With her raise, she’s also the highest-paid actress of color to work on a network TV series.

Krause was rewarded as well. When season five of 9-1-1 starts next month, he’ll earn more than $300,000 an episode. Deadline said it’s a 25 percent raise.

Krause, who turned 56 last week, has starred on network TV since the late 1990s. His first big role was playing Casey McCall on Sports Night. He also portrayed Nate Fisher on Six Feet Under. That role earned him three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor. TV fans also adored him as Adam Braverman on Parenthood. He met Lauren Graham, of Gilmore Girls fame, on the show. They’ve been together ever since.

9-1-1 season five premieres Sept. 20. So stick with Outsiders for more details.