‘9-1-1’: How Show Creator Ryan Murphy Convinced Peter Krause to Take Role of Bobby Nash

by Suzanne Halliburton
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Peter Krause, who has starred on prominent TV series since the 1990s, said the creator of 9-1-1 promised him a specific kind of rescue show.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2018, Krause said he and 9-1-1 creator Ryan Murphy had a very specific conversation about the show.

“He wanted 9-1-1 to drive, to move and be different from other procedural shows, and have humor and romance, and that’s what you see,” Krause said. “I love the end result on the show. It’s really hard work on 9-1-1, but what we end up with, it’s a superior product.

And then Murphy described how he was writing Bobby Nash, the captain of the 118 station.

“Ryan laid it out for me when I met him,” said the 9-1-1 star. “That was part of it, was that he had this loss in his past, this hole that will never be filled no matter what.”

Krause’s Character, in 9-1-1 Back Story, Blamed Himself for Deaths of His Family

Nash certainly was a damaged human when 9-1-1 started its run in 2018. As fans are aware, Nash had a family back in St. Paul, Minnesota. But they died in a fire 2014. Nash was on the roof of the apartment building when the fire happened. He’d swallowed some pills and washed them down with alcohol. So Nash blamed himself for all their deaths, although the building had a ton of code violations that made it go up in flames. After losing his family, Bobby became a heavy drinker. He joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Then he decided to leave Minnesota for a fresh start in Los Angeles.

Bobby found a new family in LA with the firemen and paramedics at station 118. And he also met Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) when he was out on a call. Athena was an LAPD officer. She also was divorced after her first husband came out as gay.

Krause, at the time of the interview with the Hollywood Reporter, said he was hoping that Bobby’s relationship with Athena would help heal his character.

“Over time we’re going to see that Bobby can heal and that helps give the audience hope for people who’ve gone through really difficult things and have difficult losses in their lives,” Krause said. “That’s what that character is for, is that life does go on and you can go on. It may take time, but you really do in life heal through positive relationships.” 

Bobby and Athena Are Show’s Heart

Now, flash forward to 9-1-1 season five. Bobby and Athena are married. At the end of season four, the couple decided to stick with their marriage after having some issues. They now have a lovely, blended family. And that was on display in last Monday’s episode.

Michael, Athena’s ex, is dating a brain surgeon. The hospital where he worked exploded because of an accidental chemical spill. David, the surgeon, was operating on a patient. And he refused to leave the operating room until he was finished with the surgery. Bobby ended up helping to rescue David, as Michael and Athena waited outside the hospital.

The episode ended with a family celebration. The next new 9-1-1 episode is set for Nov. 29.