‘9-1-1’: Jennifer Love Hewitt Pitched Idea for Maddie and Chimney to Get Together

by Katie Maloney

“9-1-1” is a series the follows the lives of first responders in Los Angeles including police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and dispatchers.

The series premiered in 2018 and is now about to premiere its fifth season. And although she didn’t make her debut on the show until season two, Jennifer Love Hewitt has quickly become a fan favorite on “9-1-1.” Hewitt plays Maddie Kendall, sister of firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley. Maddie is a former nurse who moves to Los Angeles to get away from her abusive husband.

Interesting fact: Hewitt’s abusive husband on the show is played by her real-life spouse, Brian Hallisay. When Maddie arrives in Los Angeles she finds a job as an emergency services call center operator and she’s quickly pulled into the world of “9-1-1.”

Did Jennifer Love Hewitt Know Maddie And Chimney Would Date On ‘9-1-1’?

Maddie’s time on the show has been anything but uneventful. Over the last year, she was stalked and kidnapped by her angry, abusive ex-husband. And she ends up having to kill him in self-defense. In conclusion, life has not been easy for Maddie Kendall. However, there is one storyline on the show that fans love to find some lightheartedness in.

And that is Maddie’s relationship with paramedic Howey “Chimney” Chan. The two- shared a will-they-won’t they connection for a while before ultimately getting together. However, during a recent interview with Assignment X, Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed that she knew the two characters would date from the start. In fact, it was Hewitt’s idea for the two to get together.

“No. It was one of the very first conversations I had with [9-1-1 co-creator/show runner] Tim [Minear]. And I was like, ‘I have a really weird thought. But I think Maddie should date Chimney on the show,” said Hewitt. “And he was like, ‘Oh, you know what? Yeah, she should do that.'”

Hewitt added that both her character and Chimney have been through a lot on the show and that she felt it was time for them to experience some “sunshine.”

“And it just seems like two very sweet people who had been through a lot of really rough things, and deserved some sunshine,” she said.

This season of “9-1-1-” also follows Maddie as she takes it upon herself to investigate what seems to be a series of 9-1-1 calls from an abused woman who is unable to speak for herself. Having experienced an abusive relationship herself, this is a situation that is close to Maddie’s heart. We have a feeling she’s going to be able to help a lot of people over the course of the show.