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‘9-1-1’: Jennifer Love Hewitt Pushed Creator for Maddie and Chimney to Get Together

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

On 9-1-1, Maddie and Chimney seem like a natural couple, but it was actually Maddie actress Jennifer Love Hewitt who pushed production to get Maddie to date Chimney. Now, they’re a fan-favorite couple. The actress felt like there was clear chemistry there, and wanted that to be explored. This was exciting because most people weren’t expecting the two to get together.

This year, things for Maddie and Chimney are rough. Maddie, suffering from a horrible bout of post-partum depression, wound up leaving Chimney and their newborn baby. It can be hard remembering their wonderful roots during this time, but Hewitt really pushed for their relationship.

In an interview with Chimney actor Kenneth Choi two years ago, the interviewer mentioned how exciting it was she ended up with Chimney over who fans thought she’d end up with, Ryan Guzman’s Eddie.

“Oh, believe me, everybody thought [Eddie] would end up with [Maddie]. I found out that it was Jennifer who suggested to Tim Minear that Maddie have a relationship with Chimney. I asked her why, and just thought it was a more interesting choice, which it was. It’s the not-obvious choice, so we’ll see what happens. Hey, we don’t even know if Maddie’s safe!

‘9-1-1’ Just Said Goodbye to a Major Character

In the most recent episode, the show said goodbye to Rockumund Dunbar’s character, Michael. Michael decided to leave his job, and the show, behind to join his partner David in Haiti. The best part, however, is that the two got engaged before saying goodbye to the series.

Actor Rockmund Dunbar opted to leave the show over getting the vaccine for COVID-19. In a statement about his time on the show, he expressed love and gratitude for the cast and crew.

“I have enjoyed the last 5 seasons with this wonderful cast and crew and will cherish the time I’ve been blessed to spend with this series and wish everyone involved nothing but the best,” he said in a statement following his departure.

The actor was on the series for 69 total episodes and leaves a pretty big gap in the cast. The show, however, will continue on.

With Rockmund Dunbar gone and Jennifer Love Hewitt on Maternity leave, the cast feels a little empty right now. Especially since Chimney is off looking for Maddie, so he won’t be in many episodes either.

But this doesn’t mean the show isn’t excelling in other ways this season, and Jennifer Love Hewitt will return soon. If you want to catch new episodes of 9-1-1, the first responder show airs on FOX every Wednesday night at 8/7 Central.