‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Embraces Aliens and the Unknown in Latest Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

Things got weird on this week’s installment of 9-1-1: Lone Star.

In the Valentine’s Day episode, Tommy, T.K., and Nancy arrived at a bizarre scene to find a young woman named Liza with tentacles coming out of her nose and mouth. Or at least, that’s how it looked.

For some time, the story seemed like it was turning into something straight out of the X-Files. Owen even admitted that he was a believer in Ancient Aliens and was a member of the Mutual UFO Network. But without warning, the show shifted away from the unexplained and went straight onto an entirely different—and gross—path.

As it turned out, Liza’s body wasn’t invaded by tiny green men. It was actually invaded by thousands of roundworms. Her innards were so infested with the parasites that they were literally crawling out of every orifice.

Sometime in her life, Liza ingested the worms and they began to multiply. But for some reason, the parasitic host never thought to visit a doctor when she began to feel symptomatic. Instead, she figured that her ex-boyfriend put a curse on her. So she headed to a medium to get help.

According to Liza, she felt pain and sickness “deep inside.” And she believed that something was sucking out her life force. In her defense, she wasn’t completely wrong.

But when Liza started sneezing roundworms out of her nose, she probably wished her curse theory had been true.

T.K. and Nancy also looked like they would have preferred dealing with just about any other emergency than roundworms, too. But Tommy didn’t seem to mind much.

Tommy Vega Saved the Bizzare ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Day

Once Tommy saw the nasty parasites wriggling out of Liza’s face, he jumped right into action and began pulling them out of her. He then calmly gave the victim some advice on washing fruits and vegetables so she could avoid another infestation.

However, Tommy’s thoughtful advice didn’t bode well for Liza or 9-1-1: Lone Star’s squeamish fans. Because as soon as she realized that she ingested the roundworm eggs on fecal matter, she began vomiting uncontrollably. And Tommy had to suction worms out of her in the process.

Tommy managed to fill up an entire bag with the disgusting parasites. And T.K. wasn’t shy to admit that the whole situation was a complete “nightmare.” And we’ll also admit that it was kind of a nightmare for us, too.

In the past 9-1-1: Lone Star has been pretty brave and imaginative with its storylines. And this week’s episode was probably the most bizarre and disgusting we’ve ever seen. But somehow it was still enjoyable, despite the gag-worthy scenes.

Filming the episode was interesting for the actors, too. As Gina Torres shared with TV Insider, she wasn’t sure how she felt about working with the wriggling parasites. But she managed to have fun.

“That one was hard to shoot,” she admitted. “That one was, yeah, equal parts giggles and horror, like, ‘We get to do this for a living guys. This is what we do.’”