‘9-1-1’ Nearly Beats Part 1 of ‘The Voice’ Finale in Monday Ratings

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by FOX via Getty Images

9-1-1, Fox’s top scripted drama, nearly pulled even in the ratings with The Voice, the popular reality singing competition from NBC.

The season finale of 9-1-1 drew an audience of 5.985 million, with its Lone Star sister show, bringing in 5 million viewers an hour later.

Meanwhile, The Voice attracted 6.3 million viewers. It was the first part of a two-part final. Tonight’s episode will decide the season winner between Jordan Matthew Young, Cam Anthony, Victor Solomon, Rachel Mac, and Kenzie Wheeler. The winner of The Voice wins $100,000 and a record deal.

The audience for 9-1-1 and its season finale was a significant one, but it still was lower than the numbers posted earlier in the season. The show about firefighters, paramedics, policemen and dispatchers in Los Angeles was pulling in 7 million an episode when it started its season in November. Nine of the first 10 episodes this season exceeded 6 million. But each of the May shows dipped below that number.

9-1-1 competes head-to-head with The Voice, the show featuring mentors Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas. And like 9-1-1, The Voice pulled in much bigger audiences at the beginning of the season, the 20th for the singing competition. It premiered March 1 with an audience of 7.78 million. It’s first four Monday episodes of the season eclipsed 7 million. But the numbers dropped dramatically in late March.

In 9-1-1 Finale, Athena Solved Who Was the Sniper

The 9-1-1 series finale featured a sniper shooting at first responders. Turns out the sniper was ex-LAPD SWAT. Athena (Angela Bassett) figured out the sniper was someone who had been on the inside by matching the bullets.

In other 9-1-1 finale happenings, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) decided to quit as dispatcher. And Eddie, who was at death’s door last week, survived his bullet wound. 9-1-1 show runner Tim Minear told TVLine.com that Maddie’s journey will be key in season 5.

“It’s a story that I don’t want to give short shrift to,” Minear said. “It will end up creating a major complication for Season 5.”

Meanwhile, 9-1-1 Lone Star ended with a cliffhanger. The city of Austin plans to cut the 126 station because of a budgetary reasons. So what will Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) and his fellow members of the 1-2-6 do in season three?

Since Owen punched Billy in the face after learning the news about the closure, he’ll probably be disciplined for his bad behavior. The good news of the episode was about Tommy (Gina Torres). The captain of the 126 paramedics was going to quit after her husband died. But by the episode’s end, she opted to stay on the job.