‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark Explains Why Being on Show Has Changed His Approach to Career

by Taylor Cunningham

Oliver Stark has made appearances in a handful of movies and shows since get got his start acting in 2010. But he didn’t really get his foot in the door until he landed the character of Evan Buckley on Fox’s 9-1-1 in 2018.

And as he told Nerds and Beyond in an interview last year, his experience being a lead character on a major series has changed his approach to his career.

Stark plays an LA firefighter on the action-packed 9-1-1. And he’s been a series regular since the pilot episode. During his interview, Nerds and Beyond asked the British actor to describe how the show has impacted his career. And Stark said that he has learned not to take stability or working alongside people he likes for granted. 

“It just provided me something that I think is quite rare as an actor, which is a level of security, and you know, something that I take with a pinch of salt, as it could go away at any moment. I’m very aware of that in the world of TV,” he answered.

As most people know, getting and maintaining a career in Hollywood isn’t easy. Particularly for those who choose to focus on television series. No matter how popular a show is, it could be canceled at any moment. But so far, 9-1-1 has remained a steady earner for FOX. According to Variety, the drama is currently the 9th most popular primetime series.

“But thus far, it’s felt like … wow, I have a stable job where I get to work with people that I really enjoy their company and I can learn off of,” he continued. “So it’s been a really nice environment for me to kind of take a moment of stability and just learn to enjoy that, and kind of grow as an actor and as a person through the people that I get to work with.”

9-1-1 Heads into its 5th season

Oliver Stark, Rob Lowe, and millions of fans are fortunate enough to watch 9-1-1 head into its 5th season. Fox has been building everyone’s anticipation by posting set photos on Twitter. And finally, the network gave viewers a little taste of what’s to come when they dropped a new promo a few days ago.

“We’re already speechless,” they captioned.

Judging by the short clip, it looks like our favorite band of EMS will be dealing with a massive blackout on September 20th. And from the sounds of it, a cyber attack is the cause.