‘9-1-1’: How Oliver Stark Keeps a Level Head After Quick Rise to Fame

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

English actor Oliver Stark has tried to keep a level head after rising to stardom with Fox show “9-1-1.”

Yeah, he said he felt good knowing that he could cross the pond and make it in America. But there’s more to it.

“More than anything, it’s just a sense of ‘hey, maybe I took a step in the right direction and can be settled in that thought,” Stark told Brief Take in 2018.

Now, after “making it,” the Evan Buckley actor said, “I want to be a part of socially conscious work that reflects the world that we live in.”

“9-1-1” Star On Show’s Training

Now that he’s working hard on the Fox show, there’s a bit of training Stark’s done to make sure he looks the part.

The actor said there wasn’t a “structured, set-up-by-the-studio training,” but each actor took it upon themselves to do something.

He told AssignmentX that “it was a lot more important to be able to train to do the job. There was a kind of divide. I could train for aesthetics, or I could train to be capable.”

So Stark took on the training that a firefighter would do. He said he “did a lot of carrying heavy stuff around, and a lot of running. It was difficult, but it was really rewarding.” 

“9-1-1” Star Has Newfound Respect For First Responders

With all that firefighter training, Stark has learned situations and scenarios that these real-life heroes go through daily.

He told Brief Take his appreciation for first responders, and their work has grown more and more. Stark said he appreciates their problem-solving skills. He sees it with “every emergency call they go on” and how those calls can be “completely individual and unique.”

Sure, there are firefighter procedures to follow on every call, but Stark knows these men and women often use quick-thinking and adaptable skills.

Stark’s Fine With Birthmark Publicity

If you ask the “9-1-1” actor about his birthmark, he’s okay with it.

With the popularity of the show, the actor started getting messages from American moms. These moms used him for inspiration and a “boost of confidence” for their children with facial birthmarks.

The British actor said he never thought the birthmark would get so much attention, but he’s pleased if it “inspired some confidence in them.” He once had an acting teacher urge him to get it removed, but he decided against it. 

The 30-year-old actor said he didn’t think much about it growing up, but he admitted if he had become bothered by his appearance, he could have had “a very miserable life.” 

Many actors have facial birthmarks or distinguishing facial features, but it’s nothing compared to learning how to act over the years.