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‘9-1-1’ Star Peter Krause Revealed Cast Thinks of Actual First Responders During ‘Tough’ Days on Set

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Fans of the popular Fox drama 9-1-1 know that the series doesn’t take shortcuts when portraying the challenges our nation’s brave first responders face every single day.

It’s clear that the showrunners behind the series spend a lot of time making sure they accurately represent the struggles these tireless heroes face every day.

This, notes 9-1-1 star, Peter Krause, is a big part of what drew him to the series in the first place. The way 9-1-1 honors these heroes is by telling their stories as best it can.

“The hours that they have to keep, the number of hours they have to be awake and do what they have to do, it’s a difficult job,” Peter Krause tells Hollywood Reporter, in a recent interview.

‘9-1-1’ Star Remembers Those Who Are Really Doing the Difficult Work

Peter Krause, who portrays Bobby Nash, the captain of 9-1-1’s fire station number 118 adds that when he and his costars are facing a challenging scene, they often remind each other that they are only playing these roles. And, the actor notes, they remind themselves that there are portraying real people. Heroes who do the challenging and dangerous work daily.

“Any time we’re experiencing difficulty onset, all of us always remind each other that this isn’t the real deal,” the 9-1-1 actor explains.

“Even though this is a difficult acting job, this doesn’t even come close,” Krause adds. 

“They understand that it’s television,” the actor continues. “But they enjoy all the elements of the show.”

When Krause’s Bobby Nash was first introduced to 9-1-1 viewers he was a broken man. Peter Nash had recently lost his family in an apartment fire, and he blamed himself for the deaths.

Over the years, Nash has been able to heal bit by bit. Krause is now happily married to Angela Bassett’s Athena Grant, an LAPD officer.

Peter Krause goes on to note that part of what the cast and crew of 9-1-1 are proud of is the fact that the series pushes to highlight so much more than only the struggles first-responders encounter while in the field.

And, the actor adds, he has received quite a bit of positive feedback over the years. A lot of this has come from the people the 9-1-1 cast and crew work so hard to honor.

“The fact that their lives — not just their heroic moments, but their lives — are explored,” the actor explains. “The difficulty that they have with certain things.”