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‘9-1-1’: Peter Krause Thought Of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ When Thinking About Future Plans

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/WireImage)

“9-1-1” star Peter Krause loves working on his show but joked he could do something like the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” in his future plans. 

The 56-year-old Minnesota native said he’s fully involved in the show’s action scenes but wouldn’t mind doing some “straight-up comedy” at some point again.

Krause talked to Minneapolis St. Paul magazine in 2019 and said he could see himself involved with bringing the classic Moore sitcom back to the Gopher State. But he joked that he liked to “play a goofy weatherman.”

Krause clarified not Tex Baxter (Ted Knight) or Gordon Howard (John Amos), but like a goofy one.

‘9-1-1’ Star Has Played In Comedies Before

Krause, who plays Capt. Bobby Nash, on the Fox show, has played a multitude of roles over the years on some great shows like “Sports Night,” “The Parenthood,” and “Six Feet Under.”

But he can do improve comedy too. The actor appeared with Carol Burnett and Richard Kind on Burnett’s “Carol & Company” in 1990. The show featured one show-long sketches, with each member of the company playing different characters each week. The show didn’t allow for “running characters.”

Krause was fortunate to get on Burnett’s show so early in his career. The former English major said the job helped him convince his parents he could work as a professional actor.

Krause told Backstage magazine that his parents “were really relieved when I was on TV with Carol Burnett. She was my first, wonderful boss and so supportive. Carol helped my parents accept what I was doing.”

When Burnett heard Krause’s parents approved from the Backstage interview, she said she knew he had “good comedy chops” and that he “didn’t disappoint” in his casting.

‘9-1-1’ Creator Convinced Krause To Take Job

In 2018, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that series creator Ryan Murphy had a special rescue show in mind for the Fox series.

“He wanted 9-1-1 to drive, to move and be different from other procedural shows, and have humor and romance, and that’s what you see,” Krause told the magazine.

Krause was pleased with the result and the fruits of the show’s labor.

The actor said Murphy laid it out for him when they met about the role. 

Nash had a troubled past with alcohol and losing his family in a tragic 100 death apartment fire

The character left Minnesota for a fresh start in Los Angeles, and Murphy wanted the star to show that pain throughout his “9-1-1” series.

That vision helped Krause take the role. He told Backstage when Murphy told him about the role, Krause thought, ‘sign me up.’ 

Plus, Krause got to be a captain and a hero. He said the role was similar to his “Six Feet Under” casting as funeral home director Nate Fisher.