‘9-1-1’ Pulls at Heartstrings with New Video Focused on Athena

by Suzanne Halliburton

If you watched Monday’s episode of 9-1-1, you know Athena is frantic with worry. She’s most worried about her family and whether a serial rapist has her son.

So, no doubt, episode three of season five, dubbed Desperate Measures, is Athena-centric. That means lots and lots of the glorious Angela Bassett, who portrays LAPD officer Athena Grant Nash.

So the 9-1-1 official social media team wanted fans to see Athena and her multi-layered past. The team posted a video montage of the trauma and heartbreak Athena has suffered in her life.

“Thought we’d tug on your Athena heartstrings today,” the 9-1-1 tweet said.

Bassett Says of 9-1-1: ‘Addictive Drama … You Ready for This?’

Bassett introduces the video clip, talking mostly about the show, itself:

“Adrenaline rushing emergencies,” Bassett says. “Characters you love. All the addictive drama you can’t get enough of — you ready for this?”

And boy, Athena has led a life of happiness and pain. In the montage, 9-1-1 takes you through her hurt, as Athena says: “All my grief, my pain, I locked it in a box. It’s the only way I knew to move forward.”

Bassett said “you really go back into it and peel back a few more layers that made her, her.”

The mental box is overflowing with pain. She found out her first husband, the father of her children, is gay. Michael tells her, “I’m so sorry for hurting you.”

Then, the 9-1-1 video shows Athena discussing her fiancee. Even her kids don’t know about him, although he’s the reason she became a cop. It’s all in Athena’s backstory. She was a law student at Stanford who met officer Emmett Washington while she was in school. This was in the late 1980s. He was so passionate about what he did for a living that Athena decided to quit law school and become a law officer like Emmett.

After they started dating and became engaged, Emmett was killed in a robbery attempt at a gas station. Three decades later, Athena officially got justice for Emmett when she found his killer. You hear her in the clip say she found the killer’s gun.

Then there’s her relationship with Bobby Nash, the fire captain of the 118. Nash (Peter Krause) also has tremendous pain in his past. He left Minnesota a broken man, needing a change of scenery to get his life back on track. He was an addict who was responsible for accidentally causing a fire that killed his family.

Athena and Bobby met and married in the second season of 9-1-1. When Bobby tries to understand her relationship with Emmett, Athena snaps “I did not lose someone. He was taken from me.”

On 9-1-1, Athena and Bobby work because as Bassett said “they’re two grown people who found each other.” They almost decided on divorce at the end of season four back in May. But the two agreed to work on their marriage.

And now Athena is undergoing another life drama. On Monday night, she must save her son, who is in the trunk of a car driven by a serial rapist and murderer. Stay tuned to find out if the episode turns into more darkness or light for Athena.