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‘9-1-1’: Romantic Moment Has Fans Convinced That One Relationship is Ending, Another Starting

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Things are heating up in the Los Angeles Fire Department on 9-1-1. Fans are already shipping a new romance after the last episode. For a while, the relationship between Eddie Diaz and Ana Flores has been wearing thin. It appears the two are not going to be together much longer.

According to one clip from the show, things aren’t going so well for “Eddieana”. There are times in a show where you can feel the tension and awkwardness, almost like second-hand embarrassment. Plus, the facial expressions of Evan Buckley make this an absolutely electric moment as well.

The clip shows Eddie, Ana, Ravi, and Buck in the fires station late at night. In a weird exchange, Eddie doesn’t introduce his girlfriend to Ravi. Ana shakes his hand and introduces herself. That’s when Ravi asks the deadly questions.

“You must be Eddie’s wife?” Er…about that.

Fans know that the fact that it isn’t official for Eddieana, means there’s one big issue. Eddie. They aren’t the only ones who know. Buck’s face says it all in the clip. When Eddie makes a quick getaway and pushes the tour of the station off on Ravi, it becomes clear what is happening. This relationship is falling apart.

As we are left there with just Buck, it is hard not to laugh a bit. This is a serious moment and viewers are soaking it all in, coming up with theories and more. However, the comedic relief that Buck’s puzzled face gives us, just the cherry on top.

It is always important to pay attention when Buck gets one of those puzzling stares on his face during 9-1-1. Always.

‘9-1-1’ ‘Darkness Is Spreading’ in New Teaser

Ahead of tonight’s new episode of 9-1-1 the show’s Twitter account teased the drama. It looks like things are going to be, dark. The intensity never lets up it seems for the Los Angeles Fire Department. While the city is faced with a blackout outside the crew is faced with challenges.

It looks like a helicopter crash is putting Eddie in a tough spot. Not to mention the other wild scenes included just in the short 30-second teaser. It seriously looks almost apocalyptic. The episode is title Desperate Times, and from the video that seems to be very accurate. You can watch that here.

After last week, the Season 5 premiere, LA was left in a state of disarray. Cars line the streets, empty and abandoned while 118 goes around the city taking in the catastrophe. Even some zoo animals had gotten loose. Not only do they see ostriches, but they run into all kinds of animals. Camels, elephants, monkeys, and more. The drama is oozing out of this season of 9-1-1.