‘9-1-1’ Star Ryan Guzman Named Costar Who Looks Forward to the ‘Action’ More Than He Does

by Amy Myers
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Though 9-1-1 star Ryan Guzman isn’t the most enthusiastic cast member about those intense action scenes on the show, he still enjoys those moments where he gets to do what real firefighters do every day.

From catastrophic fires to devastating floods and just about every natural disaster in between, the 9-1-1 stars have covered it all. And on the front lines of disaster is Guzman’s character, Eddie Diaz. Like his co-stars, Guzman values his role on the series not just because of the excitement but also because of the opportunity to properly portray the dangerous and heroic jobs of first responders. Of course, in order to create that illusion, the actors have to undergo some controlled chaos on set.

This means coming in close contact with real fires and dangling themselves from truly terrifying heights. And though the challenges of the job are sometimes arduous, the 9-1-1 star hardly ever bats an eye. In fact, most of the time, he looks forward to the days on set where they get to recreate these disastrous situations.

“My favorite emergency was probably the earthquake because we got to rappel and stuff,” Guzman told Anthem Magazine. “They pretty much built a penthouse where it would tilt 30 degrees on a two-story gimbal. So we were doing the lines and acting like real firefighters, climbing upstairs that were burning—again, on a 30-degree tilt.”

Still, no one gets quite as excited for stunts as the actor behind Evan Buckley.

“Maybe not as much as Oliver Stark, but I’m definitely into the action part of this show, for sure,” Guzman admitted. “I love every bit of what we get to do on this show.”

No Doubt, Stark and Guzman Enjoyed Shooting This Recent ‘9-1-1’ Episode

Luckily for the show’s stunt junkies, 9-1-1‘s recent episode had all the tension and excitement they craved. While rescuing people from an oil well eruption, the 118 team has to handle yet another disaster – a huge sinkhole that formed in downtown L.A.

With only a limited amount of time, the firefighters have to create a strategy that saves victims from both situations.

Check out the teaser clip from the episode.

9-1-1 also released a photo that shows just how intense the situation in the street is. While balancing on a ladder, Buckley and Diaz struggle to free victims from their car that is trapped in the sinkhole. One of the victims, as seen in the clip, was bleeding from the mouth. Likely, the woman’s situation was quickly worsening and the team couldn’t spare much time before it became a body recovery mission.

After all of this, the 9-1-1 crews still have the holiday season to look forward to in the next episode, “Wrapped in Red.”

And knowing how chaotic Christmas time can be, there’s bound to be a whole lot of stress ahead for Firehouse 118.