‘9-1-1’ Season 5, Episode 2: Full Recap

by Quentin Blount

Season 5, Episode 2 of FOX’s 9-1-1 just graced all of our television screens and we were not disappointed. Somehow, someway, the heart-stopping TV series always leaves us wanting more.

The fan-favorite show follows the lives of first responders in the city of Los Angeles. That group contains the likes of police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and 9-1-1 dispatchers. And they were back at it in the thick of things once again on Monday night during the second episode of the season.

The series continued on Monday night with Episode 2, titled “Desperate Times.” If you saw the season premiere, then you know that the entire city of Los Angeles was in a state of chaos. A hacker was somehow able to gain control over LA’s power grid and as a result, caused a city-wide power outage. That led to the escape of serial rapist Jeffrey Hudson who was in court representing himself at the time.

But there are other emergencies going on around the city. An emergency helicopter was trying to deliver an organ for a transplant, but with the city in the dark, the pilot couldn’t navigate a clean landing. Instead, the helicopter landed hazardously on the side of the building.

The crew then heads to the roof to save the day. Normally, in an instance like this, they would have probably brought with them a generator for some light. But there wasn’t any time. Henrietta “Hen” Wilson was the first to climb up inside. She reassures Manny that they are going to get him to safety. The crew is able to flip Manny onto the board and get him out of there and at the same time retrieve the transplanted heart before the helicopter falls and crashes into the ground.

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Four days after the Los Angeles power grid went down, the city is still in disarray. The news shows that the death toll since then has risen to 15 people — many of whom passed away from heat exhaustion. With the power still down, cooling centers are basically non-existent at this point and hospitals are at capacity.

Eventually, Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) gets called into the ER by Dr. Zimmerman. Her patient has had his throat cut and he has no wallet or ID on him. She gets shaken up when she sees that it is Detective Lou Ransone (Sasha Roiz). Grant heads back to the precinct only to learn that the jail systems are still down and Jeffrey Hudson is still not in his cell.

Athena Grant eventually makes her way back to the hospital where she finds Detective Lou awake but still in obvious pain. She advises him to save his strength, but she also tells him what had happened. That it was Hudson’s lawyer who sliced his throat while he was making the arrest. And that she has been found dead with a gunshot wound.

Back at her house, Athena’s ex-husband Michael Grant is enjoying himself at a party with neighbors. Her house is the only one with power in the neighborhood. Little does everyone know that Jeffrey Hudson is there and he’s playing Jenga with Michael and Athena’s son. Athena quickly realizes that she might be one of Hudson’s victims too and races home.

Athena gets there and starts questioning everyone. She sees her ex-husband but Harry is nowhere to be found. The episode ends with viewers seeing Hudson driving away with Harry in his trunk. He is actually stopped at a roadblock but since he has a badge to show, he is let through.