‘9-1-1’ Showrunner Explains How He’s Addressing the Maddie and Chimney Storyline

by Megan Molseed

9-1-1 left us all at the edge of our seats as the series went into its midseason hiatus just before the new year. It will still be quite a few weeks before the popular series returns to its Monday night timeslot on FOX. However, that doesn’t necessarily stop us from looking forward into the upcoming storylines of some of our favorite 9-1-1 players. Including one very important arc that has been key to the season so far: what will come of Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Chimney’s (Kenneth Choi) relationship.

We are certainly eager to continue with this arc that has been tugging at our heartstrings all season. However, one 9-1-1 showrunner notes, it is important that he take care when addressing this particular arc. Devoting his attention to what needs to happen to the characters as the story continues to emerge.

“As I think anyone who follows the show as a fan knows, Jennifer had the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. She was on maternity leave and so we serviced that because she couldn’t be on screen,” Tim Minear tells Variety.

‘9-1-1’ Continues to Explore Maddie and Chimney’s Relationship

Minear also notes that now that time has passed, and Jennifer Love Hewitt will be returning to the set after her maternity leave, the series will continue to explore the dynamics of Maddie and Chimney’s relationship as Maddie struggles with the feelings she has developed since giving birth to their daughter, Jee-Yun.

“All the answers for where she went and what happened and how that reunion is going to occur will be answered,” the 9-1-1 showrunner adds, noting that the couple will come back. But, what it will take for them to get to that place remains to be seen.

“And yeah, of course, she and Chimney are coming back,” Minear explains of the 9-1-1 fan-favorite couple.

“It may not be as straight a line as you expect it to be,” the showrunner cautions. “But I do not think it will be unsatisfying for the audience.”

Plus, the producer notes, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s return to the series after her maternity leave is a welcome one.

“I really, really miss her on the show and I’m just so excited to be back,” says Minear. Minear adds that welcoming Choi back will be an exciting piece to the puzzle, as well. Kenneth Choi’s Chimney character has been searching for Maddie after her abrupt departure.

“And the same goes for Kenny,” Minear says of the 9-1-1 actor.

“Because we made a choice that Chimney was not going to stick around, he was going to go look for her,” the showrunner adds of the Maddie and Chimney storyline.

Minear went on to compare the dynamics of this storyline to a storyline on 9-1-1’s spin-off series 9-1-1: Lone Star.

“It’s a little bit like what we were doing on ‘Lone Star’ [with T.K. and Carlos],” the showrunner explains. “It’s frustrating, but it’s going to feel earned in the end, any kind of reunion.”