‘9-1-1’ Spring Premiere Will Reveal Important Details About Eddie Diaz

by Amanda Glover

The spring premiere of the hit FOX show, “9-1-1,” is returning in a little over a month Fans are filled with questions as to what’s happening to the characters. We know we are.

When we last left the characters, it was Christmastime. However, members of the 118 were all a little less than jolly.

With Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) still MIA, Chimney (Howard Han) continues his search for the mother of his newborn daughter. Most surprisingly, Eddie (Ryan Guzman) dropped a bomb on his team. Don’t worry, Outsiders, it wasn’t a literal bomb. However, Eddie did reveal that he’s leaving the team for the mental health of his son, Christopher (Gavin McHugh).

The “9-1-1” is finally coming out of its 3-month hiatus this March 21. Lucky for us fans, showrunner Tim Minear promised to answer some of our most important questions, and a promise is a promise. However, there is one question I’m not too excited about finding out. Is Eddie really leaving the 118? Please say no! We need the Buck and Eddie friendship to continue flourishing!

In an interview with TV Line, the website answers fans’ questions regarding the team of our favorite firefighters. One fan asks, “Do you have anything on 9-1-1‘s Eddie Diaz, who resigned from the 118 in the midseason finale?”

Obviously, this is something we’re all wondering, especially with the news of a new firefighter on the show. That’s right, Outsiders. In case you didn’t know, “Vampire Diaries” actress, Arielle Kebbel, is joining the show.

“The spring premiere airing Monday, March 21 involves a small time jump, coming out of which viewers will discover what exactly Eddie’s new job is and if/how he still has a connection to the 118. (IOW, it’s sounding like a big story for Ryan Guzman in the back half of the season.),” TV Line says.

‘9-1-1:’ Who is Arielle Kebbel’s Character?

With the former “Gilmore Girls” actress, Arielle Kebbel, joining the cast of “9-1-1,” fans are desperate to learn all about her character.

According to Deadline, Kebbel going to have a recurring role alongside Oliver Stark on the hit FOX show. She will play LAFD Firefighter Lucy Donato. Lucy works at rival firehouse 147, but she assists the 118 during an important rescue mission. Since Kebbel is playing a recurring character, fans will likely see Lucy on the show for a while.

However, there’s also been some speculation as to whether or not she is going to replace Eddie on the team. With Buck as his best friend and the godfather to his son, I doubt Buck will take Eddie’s departure lightly. Will he act hostile towards Lucy? Will they be friends since they’re so similar?

Based on her character description, she’s a lot like Evan “Buck” Buckley. She’s confident, fearless, and quick to make life and death decisions. Now do you see what I mean, Outsiders? We’re all too excited to see what Kebbel brings to “9-1-1!”