‘9-1-1’ Star Rob Lowe is Going ‘Gilligan’s Island’ in Shirtless Pic: ‘Off the Grid’

by Matthew Memrick

Fox star Rob Lowe is taking a much-needed “9-1-1” break, going “Off the Grid” in a shirtless pic somewhere near “Gilligan’s Island.”

Possibly following former co-star Demi Moore’s lead, the 57-year-old actor posed for a shirtless selfie. Moore, 58, recently posed for a bikini selfie this week, according to Yahoo! News.

The “9-1-1” star selfie had it all: his bare chest and shoulders, gray beard stubble, and upper arm tattoo. The self-described “horrible” tattoo came from his old party days. To Lowe’s back, crystal blue water and palm trees finished the frame.

Rob Lowe’s sons got in on the act, giving him a tough time for the thirst trap photo. Weeks ago, he posted images from one of his first jobs. Another came from his movie St. Elmo’s Fire with Moore and Emilio Estevez. Wildly, the film turns 36 years old this month.

“Off the grid yet posting shirtless selfies on Instagram?” teased John Lowe, while son Matthew chimed in, “A 3-hour tour doesn’t really qualify as off the grid.”

‘9-1-1’ Star Rob Lowe Shirtless And ‘Off the Grid’ To Stay Healthy

Rob Lowe celebrates 30 years of marriage to Sheryl Berkoff this week. The two met on a blind date and also in Lowe’s movie Bad Influence.

Many Lowe fans took time to comment on his selfie. You’ve got to hand it to the actor for staying in shape and eating well. Sobriety also helped.

“Don’t get me wrong; I still love pasta and pizzas,” he said in a 2018 Today interview. “But I know that they’re a special treat. In my business, I don’t have the option to not be at my best. So, I just make healthy choices most of the time. I never diet.”

Comically, Berkoff’s influence also plays a significant role.

“She’ll say things like, ‘I like a little meat on my man!’ That’s not the kind of support I’m looking for!” Lowe added. “Her big motto is just a bite. “

In another wild moment for Lowe, TMZ unearthed a 2010 video of the star with recently arrested political operative Thomas Barrack leaving a restaurant. The website said Lowe and Barrack were investors in movie studio Miramax at the time. Barrack was involved in former President Donald Trump’s campaign as a senior advisor. Federal authorities charged him recently with working as an unregistered agent of the United Arab Emirates.

Lowe, along with Marcia Gay Harden, came up with tributes this week when their former “Code Black” director David Von Ancken died from stomach cancer. He was 56 and had fought with the disease for two years. The show ran from 2015 to 2018.

“David was a smart, empathetic, energetic gentle giant,” Lowe said. “The kind of director and man you’d want in your foxhole. I am so sad he’s gone.”

On Monday, Sept. 20, Season 5 of “9-1-1” debuts at 8 p.m.