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‘9-1-1’ Star Vanessa Estelle Williams Says She Feels Honored to Play First Responder

by Liz Holland
Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for ESSENCE)

Vanessa Estelle Williams’ makes an impression with many of her projects, ranging from Christmas to Horror. However, her role starring as Claudette in the Fox drama 9-1-1 is certainly one of her hottest projects on-air right now. 

Taking on the role of Claudette in the shows’ fifth season in the eleventh hour has undoubtedly been a challenging task. Williams stepped in when the original actress offered the role fell through and, in her words, “hit the ground running”. The challenge seems to have been a welcome one, as Williams bubbly demeanor displayed in recent interviews is infectious and unwavering.

Williams Talks Portraying a First Responder

When asked in a recent KTLA 5 interview about joining the cast of 9-1-1 in the shows fifth season, Vanessa Estelle Williams beams an award-winning smile and gushes about her experience. The actress speaks specifically on her respect for first responders.

“It was an honor–and remains an honor– to play one of our first responders. To be in the magic of all of that and really bring honor and the narrative forward,” Williams shared.

Williams goes on to share her thoughts on her character, and her overall experience on set. Speaking of her character on the show, Williams shares, “Claudette is a very complex character. She’s kind of stern and a little bossy, but she’s got her reasons, and it’s been a thrill. […] Everyone in front of the camera [and] behind the camera has been so wonderfully welcoming and wonderful. The material itself, to say nothing of the reaction from friends and family, who are just in my DMs and calling and [saying] ‘I caught you’ and ‘I saw you’.  It’s just been really wonderful; wonderful to be a part of the family.”

Vanessa Estelle Williams Talks Christmas and New Lifetime Project

In addition to her role as Claudette on 9-1-1 airing on Fox, Vanessa Estelle Williams also has other projects in the works. Williams can be seen in the new lifetime Christmas movie, “Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion” airing on 11/29 on the Lifetime network. Speaking about the film, Williams says, “Well it’s a delightful movie about reclaiming space, and who’s gonna take over when the matriarch of a family passes away. […] Actress Asia’h Epperson, she plays a R&B singer, and she’s got this crazy, intense family. She knows she’s got to hire somebody to help coordinate where the Christmas family reunions will be happening. […] Each of us are vying for our house to be the one where Christmas unfolds.”

When it comes to how actress Vanessa Estelle Williams personally celebrates the holiday season.

She shares that although she isn’t usually fighting for festivities to happen at her house, she loves to get involved.

“I’m trimming my tree, I’m trying to buy the best kind of gifts, and  I really love the magic of Christmas, always. It’s been a favorite holiday of mine forever,” Williams explains. 

You can catch Vanessa starring as Claudette on 9-1-1 Mondays 8/7c on Fox. She can also be seen in her new  Christmas movie “Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion” 11/29 on Lifetime.