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‘9-1-1’ Star Vanessa Estelle Williams Talks Hitting the Ground Running on Season 5

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

In a whirlwind situation, Vanessa Estelle Williams joined the season five cast of 9-1-1. And as the actress explained in a recent interview, she had to “hit the ground running.”

Vanessa Estelle Williams made her first 9-1-1 appearance as Claudette Collins on October 11th. Collins is a veteran call-center pro who transfers back to Los Angeles’s main station. Williams’s character was sent to cover for Maddie as she seeks treatment for postpartum depression. And Collins has quickly earned immense respect from everyone who works with her.

Apparently, the role of Claudette Collins was originally offered to someone else. But for reasons that Williams did not explain, that actress fell through. So when Williams accepted the part, she had to “hit the ground running.”

“I’ve had very little start-up time,” the Soul Food actress told KTLA 5. “Someone else fell out and I was called in to do the role.”

But despite all of that, she feels privileged to be a part of the series.

“I was so excited and thrilled to join Angela Bassett and Robin Dunbar and Aisha Hinds, Peter Krause, and all these amazing actors that I love and admire and know,” Williams continued. “So I knew I had to bring my A-game, and they threw me in there with very little time. I had to like quickly get it together will all the language of the dispatchers. But it was an honor.”

But most importantly, the former Miss America fit right in with the cast. And she’s enjoying her new gig.

“I’ve been so warmly welcomed. Everyone in front of the camera and behind has been so wonderfully welcoming. Just wonderful.”

New ‘9-1-1’ Actor Vanessa Estelle Williams to Star in Lifetime Christmas Movie

Life has been exciting for Vanessa Estelle Williams. Not only is she working on the set of Fox’s 9-1-1, but she’s also starring in a new Lifetime Christmas Movie. The film, titled Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion, premieres on November 29.

“It’s a wonderful movie about reclaiming space and who is going to take over when the matriarch of a family passes away,” Williams said in an interview with KTLA 5.

In the story, famous pop singer Tiffanie Christmas hires a young and ambitious event planner named Amy to put together her family’s tenth annual holiday reunion. But everything spirals into chaos when all the family members try to steal the hosting duties from Tiffanie. And while Amy is dealing with all the stress, she unexpectedly falls hard for the singer’s cousin.

Williams is playing the part of Eve Christmas.

“I really love the magic of Christmas,” Williams continued. “Always have.”