‘9-1-1’: The Story Behind Evan Buckley Actor Oliver Stark’s Birthmark

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Over time, “9-1-1” fans have warmed up to Evan Buckley actor Oliver Stark’s big facial birthmark over his left eye.

Stark told People Magazine back in 2018 that many moms reached out to share their child had a facial birthmark, and seeing his mark, the children had a “boost of confidence.” 

The British actor said he never thought the birthmark would be a thing, but he’s pleased if it “inspired some confidence in them.”

Stark has had a few roles since 2010, including a role as Ryder in the AMC series “Into the Badlands.”

Birthmark Not A Problem For ‘9-1-1’ Actor

The 26-year-old Stark admits he hasn’t struggled with the birthmark and thinks he’d “have a very miserable life” if he did.

Many celebrities have facial moles or birthmarks (Ed Sheeran had a port-wine stain on his face but got it removed), but Stark said his birthmark acceptance isn’t challenging. But acting, however, has been a battle.

Stark has tried to find his own show niche with veteran actors like Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, Kenneth Choi, and Peter Krause. While the women have been “welcoming,” Krause has fit into a “mentorship” role of sorts to the young Brit.

The actor said he’ll turn to Krause if there’s anything he’s “struggling with right away.” 

‘9-1-1’ Star Loves Dual Nature Of Role

In February, the “9-1-1” actor told The New York Post that he got to “play this character who is so different from other [characters] on TV.” 

Stark said Buckley was “super cocky at times” and played “a bit too much into a macho stereotype.” On the other hand, the role called for a good bit of vulnerability and sensitivity. Stark said he loved the duality of the part.

Also, the actor said his British “cheekiness” helped him land the job.

After all those episodes, Stark’s eyes have opened to all of what real firefighters do daily.

“I quite naively thought that they fight fires — and it turns out that 80 percent of the calls they end up on are medical calls,” the British actor said.

He appreciates their training for all sorts of emergencies, and he said the “9-1-1” cast feels “lucky to have the opportunity to shine a light on them and hopefully pay tribute to them through our show.”

Diet A Big Part of ‘9-1-1’ Actor’s Life

Stark’s off-screen training for his firefighter role got a boost from a new diet. 

In 2017, he became a vegan out of “ethical reasons.” Stark said he was a big meat eater, but his love of animals led him to try a non-meat diet. 

“It wasn’t with health or anything in mind, and then I learned about health benefits afterward,” Stark said.

Now the actor, who’s been in 70 show appearances, said he won’t go back to meat, even though he misses it sometimes and “knows it’s delicious.”