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‘9-1-1’ Team Once Responded to the Ultimate Date Nightmare

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Sure, the players on the popular FOX drama 9-1-1 deal with some shocking scenarios with storylines ranging from the most horrifying emergency moments we can imagine to some situations that are almost downright comical.

One of the weirdest moments the 9-1-1 characters have encountered on-call resulted in what is quite possibly the biggest cringe moment in the series as one woman commits a horrifying faux pas after she has trouble flushing her date’s toilet after a perfect dinner out.

In the season three 9-1-1 episode titled Fools, a young woman Tessa (Rachel Rosenbloom) finds an ideal online match in Gary (Jeremy Culhane).

After a very successful night on the town during a picture-perfect dinner date, the couple arrives at Gary’s house hoping to continue their date with a little movie and great conversations…and of course, a passionate makeout session.

While in the middle of their steamy moment, Tessa realizes her vegan supper isn’t sitting so well. She excuses herself to run to the restroom.

We haven’t gotten to the emergency yet, but you’ve already started to cringe, haven’t you? There are a few ways this could go at this point…but none of them will be good.

So, Tessa excuses herself to use Gary’s restroom. Soon, Tessa learns that Gary’s toilet isn’t quite strong enough to handle the poor woman’s vegan diet. And, of course, there is no plunger to be found in Gary’s bathroom.

In a panic, Tessa tries and tries to flush her poo down, to no avail.

A ‘9-1-1’ Emergency That Makes Anyone Cringe

Soon, the toilet begins to flood overflowing with Tessa’s contribution at the top. In a desperate move, Tessa scoops her poo out of the water and wraps it up into one of Gary’s towels.

Yes…the cringe factor is definitely high on this one. It gets worse, too. The 9-1-1 stars haven’t even been called in yet.

Now, Tessa standing in Gary’s bathroom, holding her poo wrapped in a towel while the toilet is on the verge of flooding the entire bathroom.

Cue another one of Tessa’s desperate moves. She flings the towel out the bathroom window – but, as you might have guessed, this toss doesn’t go well. The towel lands on the ledge right next to the window. So, Tessa climbs out of the window in an effort to knock the poo-filled towel off the ledge.

Now, remember, this is an episode of 9-1-1, so this move can’t go off without a hitch.

Tessa can’t quite reach the towel to knock it off the ledge. Instead, the desperate woman finds herself stuck halfway out the window, full Winnie the Pooh style.

The members of 9-1-1’s station 118 arrive to save the day, thankfully. And, one of their biggest challenges on this particular call was dodging the poo-filled towel as it completes its journey off the ledge during the rescue.