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‘9-1-1’ Teases Episode You ‘Want to Sit Down For’ with New Image

by Jacklyn Krol
Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images

9-1-1 fans are in for a doozy.

Fox tweeted a promise to their followers. “You’re gonna want to sit down for tomorrow’s new episode of #911onFOX,” the note read. How could things get even more insane from last week’s episode? Last week, over 5 million fans tuned in to see the conclusion of the blackout saga.

Firstly, Maddie dropped her baby off at the firehouse, and no it wasn’t with Chimney. She left a video message for her love.

“I’m sure that you are confused, hurt and probably really scared,” she began. “I don’t know what to say. You don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger and no one is making me dong this. Jee-Yun is not safe with me, not now and maybe [not ever]. I know that you’re going to take really good care of her, and she’s better off without me. I love you. I love both of you. And I’m really sorry.”

As for Eddie, he finally broke up with Ana. Meanwhile, Buck and Taylor are going strong.

The episode all came to a conclusion when Athena and Jeffrey reunited. Jeffery was bleeding out after a stand-off when he revealed that his gun wasn’t loaded. Quite the climactic ending.

How Peter Krause Makes ‘9-1-1’ Realistic

Furthermore, 9-1-1 depicts the lives of first responders. Without getting the real-life experience in the field, it is tough to get the characters just right and as realistic a possible.

“The hours that they [firefighters] have to keep, the number of hours they have to be awake and do what they have to do, it’s a difficult job,” he said.

He explained to The Hollywood Reporter that when things get difficult on set, the cast realizes that they have it easier than the real-life heroes.

“Even though this is a difficult acting job, this doesn’t even come close,” he admitted.

In addition to research, Krause ended up meeting a fire captain in Long Beach before the first season filmed. They discussed his character and what a firefighter goes through in the field. The captain even discussed his personal life and how it works with his work and family balance. Finally, Krause learned just how hard it can get on the first responders.

“He had just lost a friend of his in the past couple of years to suicide. I was surprised to find out how many first responders end up taking their lives. It’s startling,” he added.

9-1-1 airs on Mondays at 7 PM CT on Fox.