‘9-1-1’ Teases Tense Rescue Ahead of Tonight’s Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

What fun. 9-1-1 is promising that the crazy, wonderful, white-knuckle kind of chaos continues in Monday night’s episode.

The season five premiere of 9-1-1 gave us a good glimpse of every crisis that could unfold when there’s a ransomware attack on the second-largest city in the country. Think power going out. GPS systems providing wrong directions. Air traffic control receiving incorrect data on planes and helicopters. ATMs are spewing money (Bright side. This can be a good side of the chaos.) Bad guys on the loose.

Or let the mayor sum it up:

“The city of Los Angeles is being held hostage by an unscrupulous band of criminals who prefer to hide in the shadows,” the mayor said in last week’s episode. “Let me be clear, the city of Los Angeles does not negotiate with terrorists.”

So now, layer on this tease: “Are you ready for more action?”

‘9-1-1’ Dubbed This Episode ‘Desperate Times.’ Will There Be Desperate Measures?

The photo looks like Bobby (Peter Krause) is pulling a man out of a boarded-up store or mall. What’s going on there?

This week’s episode is called Desperate Times. As Athena (Angela Bassett) says “half the state is in the dark. This city could use all the heroes it can get.

“How is it that every time the world seems to end,” she adds. “It ends some more?”

Oh, my. The cops, firefighters, paramedics, and dispatchers are in need of heroes. This 9-1-1 episode could be a mess.

At the end of last week’s season premiere, Athena thought the crisis was over. Well, check that, her crisis. Earlier in the episode, Athena provided testimony against rapist Jeffrey Hudson. But when the systems went out at the courthouse, Jeffrey escaped. She and Lou, an LAPD detective, track down Jeffrey. Eventually, they find him at the home of his former lawyer. He’d fired the lawyer. Athena guessed correctly that Jeffrey was going to meet the attorney there, perhaps to kill her. They were right, on part of it. As Athena drives away, Lou puts Jeffrey into his police car.

Athena makes some calls to other victims. “You can go home now, it’s safe. It’s over.”

Except it’s not over. Someone comes up behind Lou and slits his throat. Blood splatters on the car windows. The lawyer Jeffrey fired is the one who killed Lou. We’re assuming he’s now on the loose, again, in a darkened city, when even the first responders need first responders. Be very afraid.

9-1-1 also showed the aftermath of a helicopter crashing into a hospital. As last week’s episode ended, the copter was teetering on top of the roof. Will the 118 be able to rescue those aboard before it falls off the building?

Stay tuned.