‘9-1-1’: What Does the Show’s New Addition Mean for Eddie?

by Amanda Glover

It sounds like “9-1-1” is adding a new character to the hit FOX series. But what does that mean for Ryan Guzman’s character, Eddie?

The hit drama is finally coming out of its hiatus this coming March 21. Lucky for us fans, showrunner Tim Minear promised to answer some of our most important questions. However, I might not want to know the answer to one of mine. Is Eddie really leaving the 118?

In the last episode, Eddie revealed to his team that’s he’s planning to leave the team after his young son expressed worries for his father’s safety. And that was it. Cut, face to black.

With the arrival of a new member of the team, we have to take in the fact that Eddie’s time on the team might be no more.

Former “Vampire Diaries” and “John Tucker Must Die” actress, Arielle Kebbel has been cast as a new firefighter on “9-1-1.” With the unfortunate news of the team losing a valuable member, how is she going to fit into the story? With Buck (Oliver Stark) possibly losing his best friend and godson, how will he end up treating Kebbel’s character? I sense possible hostility is on its way?

‘9-1-1:’ Who Is This New Firefighter?

The former “Vampire Diaries” actress is set to play Lucy Donato, a firefighter working for the rival firehouse, the 147. Like another firefighter we know on the show, she is quick to make life-saving decisions. As Cinema Blend says, Lucy is a daredevil and is pretty much the female version of Evan Buckley. This brings another question to my mind, what if the two risk-taking firefighters end up becoming friends… or something more?

Lucy and her 147 crew end up coming together with the 118 for a rescue, and it’s then that we will find out more details about the new character. At the moment, we do not yet know how big of a part Lucy will play in the remaining eight episodes of Season 5 of “9-1-1.” However, but does seem like she’s going to be a major player.

Catch Up on Every Episode of ‘9-1-1’ Using Hulu

If you’re like me and looking to re-watch come of your favorite “9-1-1” episodes, you might not have each episode recorded on VCR or DVDs. However, there are a few ways fans can catch up on the last episodes.

As my favorite option, “9-1-1” is available to stream on Hulu. This is a good option for people who might have never seen the show or just want to see some old action. Hulu has the first five seasons available for streaming. However, you’ll need a Hulu subscription to access these seasons of the show.

Currently, the price of a Hulu membership is $6.99 a month. Hopefully, you’re okay with ads interrupting every now and then. If you’d rather watch without being interrupted, that’ll cost you nearly double. Ah, the things we do to enjoy a show in peace. Hulu’s ad-less streaming plan goes for $12.99 a month.