‘9-1-1’: What Evan Buckley Actor Oliver Stark Thinks He Has in Common with Character

by Keeli Parkey

Actor Oliver Stark once said he believes he has some positive qualities in common with his character in the popular drama “9-1-1.”

As fans of the show are aware, the London, England, native plays Los Angeles firefighter Evan Buckley in the FOX procedural series.

Buckley, like so many of the other characters in “9-1-1,” is a hero. And it is his character’s capacity to care for others that Stark said he shares the most. He talked about his similarities and differences with his character during a July 2020 interview with Nerds and Beyond.

“I like to think that I have as big a heart as he does — I don’t know if that sounds a bit self-congratulatory — but I hope so,” Oliver Stark said.

The 30-year-old actor also talked about how being there to assist others is something else he also has in common with the fictional character he plays in “9-1-1.”

In fact, Stark said playing Evan Buckley has made him a better person.

“The first thing I think of when I think of Buck is his kind of desire to help people. I think it’s something that I have, and it certainly has increased within me through playing Buck. I think that kind of side of him has rubbed off on me a little bit and helped me grow into that person a little bit more,” the actor also shared.

‘9-1-1’ Actor Oliver Stark Also Talked About He is Different from Evan Buckley

While he is very much like his “9-1-1” character in many ways, actor Oliver Stark said there are many differences between him and firefighter Evan Buckley.

“For our differences, I think that he’s just so confident and seemingly secure in who he is. Whereas I spend most of my life as an anxious bundle of nerves. So that’s certainly where we don’t quite match up,” Stark also shared.

While he doesn’t share the confidence of Buckley, Stark said playing that quality is something he has enjoyed.

“But it’s fun to get to explore maybe that hidden side of myself through his confidence, and it’s an interesting thing to get to step into with a character,” Oliver Stark also shared.

Another difference between Stark and his “9-1-1” character is their accents. As a London native, Stark speaks with an English accent. Buckley has an American accent. Having a convincing American accent in the show is something that takes a lot of focus for the actor. In fact, he said that the American accent “certainly doesn’t come naturally” for him.

“It’s something that I have to consciously think about and work on,” Oliver Stark also said. “Some days it’s easier than others when we’re actually working. It’s not something that I really put into practice between seasons, but then, kind of as we start ramping up to start work again and then a couple of weeks before we start shooting, I go into panic mode like, ‘Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can do it anymore.'”