‘9-1-1’: Why Actor, Producer Angela Bassett Didn’t Want Athena and Bobby to Get Married

by Jacklyn Krol

9-1-1 star and producer Angela Bassett revealed the reason why she didn’t want Athena to marry Bobby.

When asked by Assignment X if she was part of the decision makers concerning Athena and Bobby’s marriage, she said no.

“You know, absolutely not,” she said with a laugh. “That was the other executive producer [series co-creator and show runner Tim Minear]’s input there. He’s also the writer. But maybe it was personal.”

Although the show is seeing its fifth season, she believed that it might have been too fast.

“I thought, after a year and a half, maybe it’s a little too soon,” Bassett explained. “We could’ve pushed it off maybe a little bit more, but I’ve never executive-produced a series before, and maybe after a season and a half, it’s just fine timing.”

What does an executive producer do? She helps the show in terms of the storyline, casting, directors, and having an input in other behind-the-scenes aspects.

‘9-1-1’ Season 5 Details

During the first three episodes of this season of 9-1-1, the 118 crews will be dealing with a blackout in the city of Los Angeles. Athena will also be confronting her attacker and serial rapist from Season 3.

Season 4 left fans wanting more with cliffhangers for almost every character. Buck and Taylor made their relationship official while Eddie was recovering after being shot. Bobby and Athena finally patched things up. Karen and Hen accidentally ran into Nia and her birth mother. Finally, Albert is becoming a firefighter and Maddie finally admitted to Chimney that she has been mentally suffering.

Showrunner Tim Minear told TV Insider that Maddie’s postpartum issues are only just beginning.

“It’s a story that I don’t want to give short shrift to,” he explained. “It will end up creating a major complication for Season 5.”

Minear also revealed that Buck and Taylor’s relationship will develop throughout the course of the season. During Season 2, he thought about Buck having a love interest, so this has been a long time coming. At first, he pictured her as running a tech empire, that changed when he realized that he could shift it into another storyline.

“But I’ve always felt like there was an interesting element there that works in the universe of 9-1-1 with the media. It’s something we haven’t really drilled down on, or found the very specific unique way to tell a story using that element,” he explained.

9-1-1 Lonestar has been delayed till 2022. Despite this, Minear revealed that there most likely will be another crossover between shows.

“[I am] looking forward to seeing other characters get to cross paths” because “those different combinations are very exciting,” he said. “I don’t close the door on anything. Ask my writing staff. I’ll change my mind three seconds before we start shooting.”

9-1-1 premieres on September 20 at 8 PM ET on Fox.