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‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: How One Character’s Death Could Help T.K. Out Long Term

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

A heartbreaking death in”9-1-1: Lone Star” hit many fans and T.K. pretty hard.

In the opening of the episode, “In the Unlikely Event of an Emergency,” viewers discover that Gwyn died as a result of an accident involving a bike delivery person. However, she managed to push the stroller with her baby son to safety.

Although the event hit T.K. pretty hard, it was only a surprise that he didn’t end up relapsing. However, this tragedy could end up benefitting him. How? Well, let’s take a peek at what Cinema Blend had to say.

According to Jewish tradition, Gwyn’s funeral needed to take place within 24-hours after her death. That meant that T.K., Owen, and Carlos barely had enough time to make it to New York. His grief coupled with the pressure to make it to the funeral was nearly enough to break him. Thankfully, he didn’t use any substances.

However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t attempt to. After going to the station to steal narcotics, Owen caught him and took him to the airport. T.K.’s situation only worsened after they missed their flight and had to leave Carlos behind to catch a different one. Wow, this guy just couldn’t seem to catch a break. But sadly, that wasn’t the end of T.K.’s terrible day.

The airplane’s engine fire resulted in a woman sustaining serious injuries. But T.K. appeared to be stable enough to tackle it head-on. Saving this woman’s life helped him focus on something other than how much he was hurting inside.

Apparently, dealing with his own pain while fighting off the urge to relapse seemed to be what did the trick. He was even okay with admitting he wasn’t going to be able to make the funeral and found another way to honor his friend.

‘9-1-1: Lone Star:’ Ronen Rubinstein Calls Show ‘Most Insane, Fulfilling Work’ of Career

Thanks to “9-1-1: Lone Star” actor Ronen Rubinstein, he’s been able to properly bring T.K. to life.

Since the tragedy that recently struck the series, fans couldn’t get enough of Rubinstein’s strong acting throughout all of the drama.

In an interview with TV Insider, the 28-year-old actor opens up about his time on the hit FOX action-drama, calling it “the most insane, fulfilling work of my entire career. I was so, so blessed by Tim [Minear] and the writers to have that kind of episode. We’ll see a side of T.K. that we have never seen and we’ll get to learn so much about him. It’s gonna be something else, to say the least. It’s definitely the most intense physically and emotionally work I’ve ever done, especially as T.K.”

We can only imagine the physical strength and emotional toll working on a show like “Lone Star” brings its actors. But thankfully, they still continue to excite and frighten fans to keep them interested after two years.