‘9-1-1’ Squad Is Bringing the Heat in New Pic

by Lauren Boisvert

9-1-1 is coming back in a big way. The show’s official Twitter recently posted a photo of the cast in a lineup looking hot to trot in all their gear.

The caption says, “The 118 always bringing that [fire emoji]! #911onFOX.” The squad seems to be looking intently at something, but to find out we’ll have to watch the season 5 premiere on September 20.

The show follows various first responders around Los Angeles as they perform death-defying feats of bravery. It’s all part of the job for them, though; the characters also have to deal with complicated personal lives and relationships. The show deals with abuse, trauma, and mental health along with putting out fires and arresting criminals.

The show stars Oliver Stark, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Hinds, Peter Krause, and Kenneth Choi. 9-1-1 airs on FOX.

‘9-1-1’: What Fans Can Expect from Season 5

9-1-1 is bringing end-of-the-world-disaster vibes with a new photo from season 5. According to Parade, season 5 opens when “the power goes out and the entire city goes dark.” The promo material for season 5 included a “pack of escaped zoo animals running wild down Hollywood Blvd.”

As for the characters, we know one of them is definitely going to struggle. Showrunner Tim Minear told TV Line that Maddie’s struggle with post-partum depression will be a major player in the season. “It’s a story that I don’t want to give short shrift to. It will end up creating a major complication for season 5, said Minear.

On the show, Maddie, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, recently gave birth to her first child with Howie “Chimney” Han, played by Kenneth Choi. She is struggling to juggle her family and her job all while dealing with debilitating post-partum depression. At the end of season 4 she broke down and quit her job as a 911 dispatcher, finally asking Chimney for help.

The Season 4 Finale was a Knockout

Speaking of the 9-1-1 season 4 finale, it was packed full of thrills and absolute madness: Eddie was shot in the chest in the previous episode, and survived in the finale; Buck and Taylor officially became a couple; and Chimney’s brother Albert is now a firefighter. Athena apprehended the sniper plaguing them as well, saving her husband Bobby who was trapped in a burning building with the sniper.

Of that scene, Minear said, “That actually was a late-hour addition to the story. But It wasn’t until a couple of drafts in, even in the pre-production phase, where [producer] Kristen [Reidel] had this idea of Athena putting on the turnout and literally walking through fire to go get [Bobby].”

Of course, that’s not all that happened. Anyone due for a recap of the show before the season 5 premiere can watch seasons 1-4 on Hulu. Catch the season premiere on September 20 on FOX, fox.com, and the FOX app.