‘9-1-1’ Star Peter Krause’s Hilarious Sports Experience in NYC That Rubbed Him the ‘Wrong Way’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Long before Peter Krause was fire captain Bobby Nash on 9-1-1, he was Casey McCall on Sports Night.

And this Krause anecdote probably has more to do with Sports Night, although it has tendrils in 9-1-1. As a ton of actors do, Krause worked as a bartender to pay the bills as he sought work in his dream profession. And it still irritates him to recall working at a pub in Midtown Manhattan and experience how New Yorkers turned their backs on the World Series. As if. We all know baseball at least claims to be America’s game.

The 9-1-1 star described his experience to Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, hometown news site.

“When I first moved to New York City, in 1987, I was bartending on Broadway at a bar called McHale’s Pub,” Krause said in 2019. “It was the Minnesota Twins vs. the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. And the city of New York didn’t care. I mean it. Nobody in the bar was paying attention to the TV except me, which kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

“I still follow the Twins, more so when they’re winning. … I hold out high hopes, but we’ll see what happens. Sadly, I also still follow the Vikings. 

This was back when Krause had his first taste of acting. He earned a part in the horror show, Blood Harvest, which starred Tint Tim.

Minnesota Sports Probably Disappoint 9-1-1 Star

To paraphrase the 9-1-1 star, sadly, his Twins are cellar-dwellers this year. They’re in last place in the American League Central. The Vikings are less than three weeks away from the start of the regular season. Sadly, they toy around with the hearts of their fans, too. Minnesota was 7-9 last season. The NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves also let down fans with only 23 victories this past season. Yes, being a fan of Minnesota sports is sad.

Now, Krause can look forward to the fifth season of 9-1-1. His character is sort of true to life. Like Krause, Bobby Nash is from Minnesota. It’s all part of his backstory. He moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota after he accidentally caused a devastating fire that killed his wife and two kids. He needed to relaunch his life, so he moved to Los Angeles.

Krause, as Nash, also had to overcome an addiction to painkillers and alcohol. Like so many Americans, doctors prescribed pain meds to Nash to treat an on-the-job back injury. He became addicted to them. It’s also part of his 9-1-1 backstory.

Earlier this month, the full-time cast of 9-1-1 received pay raises. Angela Bassett, who portrays Athena, the LAPD officer, will make $450,000 an episode. That makes her the highest-paid woman of color on network television. She’s also an executive producer on the show.

Meanwhile, Krause will earn $300,000 per 9-1-1 episode. On the show, Bobby and Athena met and fell in love. They were married in the season two finale. This past season, the couple went through marital problems. But in the finale, the pair decided to work on their marriage rather than divorcing.

Season five premieres Sept. 20. Stay tuned to Outsider for more details on the show.