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Aaron Rodgers’ Ex-Girlfriend Olivia Munn Has Hilarious Friend ‘Dealbreaker’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Actress and former television host Olivia Munn, an ex-girlfriend of NFL star Aaron Rodgers, recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

While Rodgers is currently hosting the quiz show Jeopardy!, Munn is hitting the talk show circuit. Her appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show drew plenty of laughs from the audience. Munn is plenty active on social media and in her sit-down with Clarkson, she was asked to explain a few of her recent posts.

During the segment, the actress reveals a major, but odd turn-off, when it comes to food storage. A fan of peanut butter, Munn says there is a place for the yummy treat and it is not inside of a refrigerator.

The question from Clarkson was about Munn’s friend’s preference for peanut butter storage and also her feelings about it.

“You tweeted that you were horrified that your friend kept her peanut butter in the refrigerator,” the host says. “What is wrong with cold peanut butter?”

Despite the humorous question, Munn steps up on her soapbox to tell the world that peanut butter does not belong in the cold.

“What is wrong with cold peanut butter?” she replies in an emphatic manner. “Are you serious?”

Olivia Munn and Kelly Clarkson Talk Peanut Butter

Clarkson, a country music star by trade, then further shocks her guest by declaring that she isn’t a fan of peanut butter products at all. Munn appears to have been caught off guard with Clarkson’s revelation.

Still, Munn continues her campaign against fridge-stored peanut butter. She tells a personal anecdote of how she was dismayed at the thought of her friend’s choice of peanut butter placement. Her story takes a dramatic twist at the end as she tells Clarkson she now has one less friend.

“I was really craving peanut butter and my friend was like, ‘yeah it’s in the fridge,'” she recalls. “Long story short — we are no longer friends. That is a sociopathic thing to do.”

The peanut butter revelation also drew a barreling laugh from Clarkson as she seemingly was unsure if Munn was serious or joking. The actress confirms to the host that she is indeed serious and polls the audience on the subject. After all, peanut butter can be stored in various places such as a kitchen pantry.

The lesson to be taken from this story is that if you plan on having Olivia Munn over at your house…remove the peanut butter from the refrigerator.