Aaron Rodgers Rocks Man Bun in New Video with Fiancée Shailene Woodley on ‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Debut Night

by Emily Morgan

Aaron Rodgers made his childhood dream of hosting “Jeopardy!” a reality when his syndicated episodes began airing on Monday. While we’re all rooting for Rodgers, no one is more proud of him than his new fiancé, Shailene Woodley. 

On Monday, the actress posted a series of videos to her Instagram story, pumping up her fiancé before the debut episode aired. We see the happy couple in the car with their adorable German Shephard in the back. From the passenger seat, the 29-year-old exclaims, “I have a very important announcement to make,” she began. 

“This guy right here is super sexy, super attractive … just shaved his neck this morning. Has a little man bun growing,” she said. “This guy is hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ tonight!” Smiling from ear to ear, Woodley pans over to Rodgers, who’s rocking a laid-back look, complete with a new man bun. In the video, Woodley asks the 37-year-old, “What’s gonna happen?” 

The Green Bay Packers quarterback answers by telling fans to be prepared for everything, saying, “There’s some laughs, maybe some tears, excitement, mystery,” then adding, “You never know.”

The video concludes with Rodgers adding that he will be raising money for small businesses, with money earned by the contestants matched by the North Valley Community Foundation. During Rodger’s first night as host, he was able to raise $26,224 for the organization.

On Monday, the NFL MVP said other than playing in and winning a Super Bowl, the hosting gig is “the honor of a lifetime.” “Following the footsteps of a legend is something that I know a little bit about,” Rodgers added, which seemed to reference his football career when he succeeded Green Bay Packers’ Brett Favre and now former “Jeopardy!” host, Alex Trebek.

Aaron Rodgers Welcomed With Praise on Social Media Following ‘Jeopardy!’ Debut

After his “Jeopardy!” debut as guest host, he’s already received high amounts of praise— not just from his fiance, but also from fans online. Early comments on social media were full of positive remarks, a stark contrast to Dr. Oz’s backlash he received while on the show. 

“Aaron is easy on the eyes and I like his comfortable style of speaking — pleasant and great smile!” wrote one person. “Watched Jeopardy! today with host Aaron Rodgers and it was the first time I’ve ever fallen asleep while watching this show. Guess I’ll be getting 9 more naps during Jeopardy! hour while he hosts,” someone else wrote. 

Rodgers even retweeted comments from his fellow high-profile friends, including professional golfer Max Homa. Homa tweeted, “I didn’t know I needed Aaron Rodgers as Jeopardy host until now.”