Absolute Unit of a Moose Shows Up in Tyler Perry’s Backyard: VIDEO

by Jon D. B.

“New meaning of working remotely!” Watch as Tyler Perry‘s latest writing session attracts Wyoming’s biggest talent: this absolute unit of a rutting bull moose.

Tyler Perry: Meet Bullwinkle. Over on Twitter, the creative genius has been updating followers on his latest projects. As August rolled into September, Perry was “Writing Season 4 of Sistas.”

A particular visitor to his home, however, made it quite the special writing session – giving “new meaning” to “working remotely,” Perry captions.

Perry managed to capture a selfie with the moose right outside the window of his Jackson Hole, WY home, too. Check out the shot below, courtesy of Tyler Perry’s official Twitter. Below, TMZ has footage courtesy of the mogul, as well.

If Tyler Perry‘s shot above doesn’t give you a good enough sense of this bull’s size, Outsiders, then his footage will. Watch as this tank of a bull moose uses Perry’s lovely wooden Adirondack chairs as scratching posts. Once he does, you get an immediate sense of the megafauna’s mammoth size.

“Excuse me, is there a reason you’re tearing up my chairs?” Perry asks tongue-in-cheek. As he does, the bull turns his head as if he’s going to answer.

“Uh, I think you need to scratch yourself on a tree or something,” he continues. But as his footage shows, the moose will not be deterred. In fact, he hangs out until the sun goes down. Tyler Perry’s Jackson Hole place does have an incredible view, after all.

“Bro, you’ve been here all day. Don’t you think it’s time to go?” Perry says in the later TMZ clip as the sun is setting. ” I’ve been trying to write, sit in my nice chairs… Can you just… Where do you live? Do you need an Uber?”

Okay, that got me.

Tyler Perry Hosts a Moose, Handles it Correctly

The best part of this entire encounter, however, is how correctly Tyler Perry handles this gargantuan bull.

While less intelligent people would’ve waltzed straight into their backyard for a closeup or to attempt to feed the moose (I know, I know, but people are severely injured every single year trying to feed wild moose), Perry plays it cool and only views the giant from the comfort of his home or porch – never leaving the safety of his home.

The first thing that makes this important is the sheer size of a moose, right? When raising their head and 8-foot antler span, these giants can stand over 10-feet-tall. Combine that with a weight range of 1,000 to 2,000-pounds for mature bulls and, well, it’s not a fight any human’s going to win. Not unless it’s from very far away with a very high caliber bullet or six.

Then, add on top of their size the time of year.  As Yellowstone National Park Ranger Tara Ross tells Outsider, there’s an “unreal danger” to rut season. Especially in communities shared with megafauna like Tyler Perry’s in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When fall rolls in, mating season comes about for cervids like moose. And any village, city, or town with these giants in proximity knows there are few sights more terrifying than a hormonal bull.

So if anything, we’re sure Tyler Perry is thankful this bull chose to be minimally destructive while rutting. It could’ve been a whole lot less entertaining – and a lot more destructive.