AC/DC Releases New Studio Album ‘Power Up’

by Jennifer Shea

Australian rockers AC/DC are out with a new studio album, “Power Up.”

Released Nov. 13, the album has already garnered critical acclaim. Rolling Stone called it “their best album in 30 years.” 

The magazine said the band manages to stay true to their signature sound in this album. The lyrics are far from politically correct, but that’s what fans have come to expect from AC/DC.

“It’s the honesty of the band, it’s the honesty of the music,” lead singer Brian Johnson, 73, told the New York Post over a Zoom call from Sarasota, Florida. “It hasn’t gotten a hidden agenda — it’s pure rock and roll.”

AC/DC Guitarist Angus Young Explains Journey

Lead guitarist and co-founder Angus Young joined the Zoom call from Sydney, Australia. He said the band hasn’t changed much since they got together in 1973.

“From the beginning, our main musical style always was guitar-based rock,” Young told the Post. “So it was always retaining that style and not deviating from that.”

AC/DC co-founder – and Young’s brother – Malcolm Young died in 2017. Rolling Stone described this record as a tribute to Malcolm, just as “Back In Black” was an homage to late singer Bon Scott, who died in 1980.

“It’s kind of tough in that sense, ’cause we all miss him, but we feel his presence,” Young said. “When we were doing the album, we still felt he was there with us. When you’re in the studio, you’re always looking around to see if you see him. He always will be there with us in spirit.”

The last time the band got together was before the pandemic hit. Last February, they gathered in Holland to rehearse and shoot the video for “Shot in the Dark,” the first single from “Power Up.” It was a happy time for them, and they’re eager to get back on the road.

“Hopefully we might get around to the time when we can actually play on a stage and play in front of people again,” Young told the Post. “Fingers crossed.”