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Actor Jennifer Esposito Once Joked That She Acts Like A Federal Agent in Real Life After Starring on Both ‘NCIS’ and ‘Blue Bloods’

by Jennifer Shea
Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Actress Jennifer Esposito has played federal agents so often that she sometimes thinks she is one. Indeed, during a “BUILD Series” appearance in 2017, Esposito quipped that she must actually be a detective, she gets cast as one so much.

“I am a federal agent,” Esposito joked. “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Yeah, I don’t have any idea why I get cast that way,” the “Blue Bloods” actress went on. “Like, none whatsoever. I really don’t know. But they cast me that way. And I take it and then go and try to do something else. And then I get a call from my agent, like, ‘They really want to see you for this detective role.’ It’s like, ‘No!’”

“Sometimes you do it so much, that I one time saw something suspicious, and I was like, looking,” she added. “[It’s] like, ‘Jennifer, you’re not a detective. You don’t have a gun. You can’t apprehend anybody.’”

Watch Esposito talk about getting typecast as a detective here (at 3:05):

Jennifer Esposito Is Passionate About Gluten-Free Food

When she’s not acting in movies or TV shows, Esposito focuses on living a gluten-free lifestyle. And a few years back, she opened a New York City bakery, Jennifer’s Way. The bakery catered to those with celiac disease, which Esposito has wrestled with herself.

“We don’t use a lot of sugar,” Esposito told Ability Magazine in 2014. “We use either honey, maple syrup, or organic, unrefined cane juice. Feel free to taste everything. These have a little bit of sugar because they’re more of a cookie and a pastry, but our breads have a teaspoon of honey and no yeast. It’s made of chia flour and millet and stuff like that. I came up with these alternatives because I was ill, and didn’t want to put in ingredients that I didn’t need, or that were empty. So I started using maple syrup because it’s a natural antioxidant. Everything had a purpose; it’s not just rice flour and tapioca starch. That’s not what we do here.”

Unfortunately, the bakery later became entangled in a $43 million lawsuit that Esposito’s investors and her husband, Louis Dowler, filed against her. According to ET Canada, Esposito then filed for divorce from Dowler, a British model, on the grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment.”

“Like he did during the short-lived marriage to me, Dowler now seems to be aligning himself with individuals he thinks could best earn him money,” Esposito wrote in an affidavit.

The bakery’s former website now hosts blog posts on various health products.