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Adam Carolla’s Profanity-Laced Coronavirus Tweet About Getting ‘Played’ Goes Viral

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jerod Harris / Stringer / Getty Images)

Adam Carolla is sharing his take on the coronavirus pandemic in an expletive-ridden tweet. The host of the “Adam Carolla Show” podcast took to social media earlier this week to offer his thoughts.

Carolla tweeted: “Turns out the people dying from covid are old or sick or both. How many of you (expletive) got played? and who’s going to get played the next time.”

After posting the hot take, thousands of Twitter users responded to Carolla’s tweet. The tweet garnered a heated response from many on the social media platform. “This s–t would have been over months ago if people would have just listened to Doctors,” one user writes. “Instead people are taking epidemic advice from comedians.”

Another user writes, “Did my 33yo buddy who played college hockey and now has to use an inhaler just to walk up a couple flights of stairs for the rest of his life get played? Just curious about who got played and who didn’t, since you’re so wise and all. Please advise.”

On the contrary, a number of others on Twitter voiced similar opinions to Carolla. “I have been saying that since the beginning,” one user writes. “It is exactly the same with Italy, when it started. Almost all that died were elderly & already had 3 pre-existing conditions. This isn’t news to me, I don’t know why it’s news to everyone else. I didn’t get played & I’ve had no fear.”

Adam Carolla Slams Current Coronavirus Health Recommendations

Adam Carolla later called into question the health coronavirus guidelines on wearing masks. “If we all wear masks we can get back to normal that much sooner,” he writes. “Even if your (sic) alone on the beach you must wear a mask to send a message.”

Furthermore, Carolla re-tweeted a post calling out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for visiting a beauty salon without wearing a mask. The original tweet reads: “Thanks to Nancy Pelosi every hair salon in California should open immediately. Fight fire with fire.”

The radio personality then retweeted the message with the caption: “I have been saying this for weeks just open up on your own.”