Afghanistan Veteran Says ‘America Is Damn Lucky’ to Have Service Members, Gets Emotional Recalling 9/11

by Michael Freeman

Serving as a day of remembrance, 9/11 means many things to people. In a recent interview, an Afghanistan war veteran shares his thoughts on the attacks and how “America is damn lucky” to have its service members.

Speaking on Fox News’ America Reports, Sergeant Mike Doody discussed the 9/11 attacks and paying homage to the 13 service members killed at the Kabul Airport attacks. During the interview, Doody became emotional thinking about the past two weeks in Afghanistan. Saying it’s an honor to represent the veteran combat community, he recalls 9/11 and knowing “action had to be taken.”

“We saw that second plane hit. That was a time that was very real, it was the most real thing you could ever imagine as a 16-year-old kid. But we saw that plane hit and that was the time a new action had to be taken. I enlisted in the military right at the end of 2007, after my sophomore year in college. Someone had to answer our nation’s call. There was so much anger, sadness and rage that was piled up in everyone but, I do remember September 12th as well and how much this country came together and I would love to see that again.”

Doody said America is “damn lucky” to have the people that served “to the left and to the right of me.” The war hero then issued a plea to fellow veterans.

“Every single veteran that is watching this, I understand and I know how hard this has been. Please, please lean on your brothers and sisters. Reach out to me, show up at my doorstep. I’m here for you, I’m here for all of you. The families who tragically lost people, we love each and each and every one of you.”

Supporting Women Vets, Marine Veteran Runs 60K on 60th Birthday

While everyone is honoring service members in their own way, one Missouri veteran is going all out. Vowing to run a 60K in honor of women veterans, Karl Keltner completed it yesterday.

Known as K2 or Koach Karl, Ketner accomplished his goal for his 60th birthday no less. As if that wasn’t enough, he wore a 20-pound weight vest the whole time. To him, the weight represents a metaphorical burden he carries.

“If I can take that selfishness and silliness, if you will, and transfer that to helping other people, it’s just a gift from God,” Keltner told KMBC. “You can’t focus on the little bit of pain you’re going through. Because it’s nothing compared to the trouble our troops go through.”

Keltner made sure to include veteran memorials in Kansas and Missouri into his run. He also supports Valor Ranch, a Smithville, Kansas-based organization that assists veterans with no-to-low cost living, employment, and transportation needs. Valor Ranch’s Facebook followed his run and cheered him on.

“Seriously y’all, this man completed 37.2 miles….on his birthday,” the organization posted. “Isn’t that how everybody celebrates their birthday?!? He fought through a lot to complete this endurance run, and we think he’s pretty amazing!! Now….tomorrow morning, we jump! So excited!”

The jump referred to is Keltner skydiving to celebrate both his birthday and incredible run.