Al Roker Covering Hurricane Ida in Frightening Weather Conditions Has Fans Seriously Concerned

by Jon D. B.

“If someone could please go get Al Roker and bring him to safety, that’d be great.” Fans are clamoring for the beloved weatherman’s safety as Hurricane Ida rages on.

The quote above comes from Trophy Mom on Twitter, who’s clearly in an extensive company when it comes to Al Roker. While the TV icon is beyond a seasoned pro, this makes it no less intense seeing him struggle amidst such a powerful storm.

Indeed, Hurricane Ida is poised to become a Category 5, with max sustained winds now at 150 mph.

For fans worrying about Al Roker’s safety, however, please know the man is there because he wants to be. He says so himself in the second clip above.

“I volunteered to come out here! This is what I do, I’ve done it for 40 years,” Roker responds to critics. This doesn’t stop the outpouring of love for the man himself, though. Especially amidst intense clips like we see below.

“Please stop trying to kill Al Roker and bring him inside,” tweets Brian Floyd. “If you’re cold, Al’s cold. Bring him inside,” he jokes in a follow-up.

“Al Roker is almost 70 years old, why is this necessary?” asks Philip Lewis as he tweets the same Meet the Press Hurricane Ida footage.

“Why does NBC have Al Roker out there in the storm? Send Chuck Todd out there!” tweets JC Carerra. Apparently, Al Roker diehards are not at all Chuck Todd Fans. Sorry, NBC!

Follower Joel T. proves it by responding to Carerra with a tongue-in-cheek mocking of Todd: “Some people are saying the damage isn’t the storm’s fault. Next, a 45-minute interview with the hurricane itself.”

People Really Don’t Like Seeing Al Roker Struggle Through Hurricane Ida

J.R. echoes the above with: “Chuck Todd: Some say you are an existential threat to people living in Louisiana. How do you respond?
Hurricane Ida: I’m just living my best life.
Chuck Todd: We’ll have to leave it at that. Thanks to our guest Ida for joint us today.”

Oh, Twitter.

Coming up with another popular tweet on the matter is Rita Powell, who says: “It’s 2021. I don’t need to see Al Roker risking his life and his crew’s lives to show me a hurricane. It can be reported on without standing outside in the middle of it.”

Regardless, it should be clear at this point that Al Roker is out in Hurricane Ida of his own free will. No one is forcing him to stand in a hurricane. Besides, if you’ve watched enough of Roker, you know he’d deliver a swift “screw you!” to anyone huffy enough to try and force him to do something. The man is a legend for a reason!

Even so, Outsider’s sending our strongest mojo to keep the one and only Al Roker – and all of Louisiana – safe amidst Ida.