Alan Alda Pays Tribute to Carol Burnett on Her Birthday With Unforgettable Scene of Them Singing Together

by Madison Miller

On December 21, 1974, Alan Alda made an unforgettable appearance on“The Carol Burnett Show.”

In this episode of the show, Alda plays a department store Santa. He is also Eunice’s brother, Larry. He is visiting Mama and The Family during Christmas time. It was a Mama’s Family sketch before the “Mama’s Family” spinoff.

Now, Alan Alda is reminding people of this moment he had with Carol Burnett. He tweeted a clip of them singing “Nobody Does It Like Me” together. He wrote, “Happy birthday, Carol! Remember when we sang this together? I treasure that moment with you. Love from Alan and Arlene.”

The two are seen singing and flirting in the middle of a department store rush.

Alan Alda is a day late in wishing his friend Carol Burnett a happy birthday. She was born on April 26, 1933. She turned 88 years old.

Carol Burnett and Alan Alda’s Friendship

An appearance on “The Carol Burnett Show” isn’t the only time the duo got to work together.

In 1981, the two starred in “The Four Seasons.” It was a romantic comedy film that was written and directed by Alda. Len Cariou, Sandy Dennis, Rita Moreno, and Jack Weston also star in the film.

It’s about three married couples living in New York City that decided to take vacations during each of the four seasons. Amidst the changing years, relationship drama begins to play a part as well. Alda and Burnett play Jack and Kate, a married couple.

The two also appeared together in “6 Rms Riv Vu,” a play that was adapted into a TV movie in 1974. Alda served as the director and the star, alongside Burnett. The movie is about two strangers that met when they both respond to an ad for an apartment. They view the apartment, but the door accidentally locks while they’re inside. While trapped, the two grow closer, share intimate details, and a romantic spark begins to appear.

Although he is most known as a leading actor, especially in “M*A*S*H,” Alda also had directed many movies and TV shows throughout his career.

Besides playing roles in Hollywood side-by-side, Burnett once opened up about actually growing up near Alda.

“He lived across the street from my building in Hollywood, while his father, Robert Alda, was doing a movie for Warner Brothers. I loved working with him. He’s not only a great actor, but he’s a good writer and a very fine director,” Burnett said in an interview with MeTV from 2018.