‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Embraces the Great Outdoors with Secluded Mountain Trip

by Keeli Parkey

It should come as no surprise that “Alaskan Bush People” alum Matt Brown loves the great outdoors. Embracing nature is something he was taught from an early age by his later father, Billy Brown, and his mother, Ami Brown.

Recently, the 38-year-old reality television star got back to nature with a secluded mountain trip. He showcased some of what he experienced with videos he shared on his YouTube channel. The third installment of these videos was posted on Oct. 1.

It begins with footage from the cabin where the “Alaskan Bush People” star stayed during his trip. Also at the beginning of the video, Matt Brown gently captures a beautiful butterfly inside the cabin. He then releases it back into nature. After he releases the butterfly, Brown begins to explain what he is doing with the final moments of his trip.


“All right, I’m just about ready to start shoving off,” he explains. “I got the cabin cleaned. … messed around a little bit. I started to hike up a little bit and realized I’m pretty much exhausted. If I took you up right now to see things like the spring and stuff, it really would be a lot of work to get back home.”

The “Alaskan Bush People” alum then shares details of his journey home. “I have a long go in front of me,” he also said.

‘I’ve Enjoyed It,’ ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Says of Recent Mountain Adventure

Next, Matt Brown tells his fans that he hopes to show them the spring and other areas another time. He then shares his thoughts on how he has felt about his most recent adventure.

“This has been really nice. I’ve enjoyed it,” he shares. “And sometimes it’s nice to keep things small and safe – something for the future, you know. …”

Brown also shared a message of appreciation for his fans who have been watching the videos he posted of his recent secluded mountain trip. “This set of videos documenting my overnight trip up the mountain is dedicated to all of the wonderful people that have followed me in it from home,” he captioned the video. “It’s been a lot of fun taking you along with me.”

Along with the third installment of these videos, he also shared a few comments about what has been going on in his life since returning from Chopaka Mountain.

“I’m trying now to line up one more trip in the next couple of weeks before winter, so I can take y’all guys to a couple places I really want to show you before it freezes,” Matt Brown also posted. “I’m back at the orchard now and planning for this winter when I’ll have a lot more time, I’m going to have more SD cards and I just got a trail cam. We’re picking the apples here in the orchard now and I want to do a couple of videos documenting the harvest. …”

You can watch one of the videos “Alaskan Bush People” alum Matt Brown shared from his recent trip to Chopaka Mountain above.